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English Sanskrit Transliteration
Mother माता Mātā
Father पिता Pitā
Maternal Grandfather मातामहः Mātāmahaḥ
Paternal Grandfather पितामहः Pitāmahaḥ
Maternal Grandmother मातामही Mātāmahī
Paternal Grandmother पितामही Pitāmahī
Husband पतिः Patiḥ
Wife पत्नी Patnī
Daughter पुत्री Putrī
Son पुत्रः Putraḥ
Elder Brother ज्येष्ठभ्राता Jyeṣṭhabhrātā
Younger Brother कनिष्ठभ्राता Kaniṣṭhabhrātā
Elder Sister ज्येष्ठभगिनी Jyeṣṭhabhaginī
Younger Sister कनिष्ठभगिनी Kaniṣṭhabhaginī
Maternal Uncle मातुलः Mātulaḥ
Paternal Uncle पितृव्यः Pitṛvyaḥ
Wife of Maternal Uncle मातुलानी Mātulanī
Wife of Paternal Uncle पितृव्या Pitṛvyā
Father-in-Law श्वशुरः Śvaśuraḥ
Mother-in-Law श्वश्रूः Śvaśrūḥ
Wife’s Brother श्यालः Śyālaḥ
Wife’s Sister श्याली Śyālī
Husband’s Brother (Elder) ज्येष्ठभ्राता Jyeṣṭhabhrātā
Husband’s Brother (Younger) देवरः Devaraḥ
Husband’s Sister ननान्दा Nanāndā
Grandson पौत्रः Pautraḥ
Granddaughter पौत्री Pautrī
Daughter’s Son दौहित्रः Dauhitraḥ
Daughter’s Daughter दौहित्री Dauhitrī
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