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  1. Deepavali and Greetings
  2. NVS-Grihapravesa Invitation
  3. Flowers for New Year
  4. Happy New Year 2013 - 25 Quotes To Empower Your Life
  5. பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்
  6. Anmika Neeya Naana at Chennai Nanganallur-10th March 2013
  7. Happy Ugadi Greetings to you all
  9. New year-Vijaya- greetings
  10. பிராமண பாஷை யில் "ஓய்"
  11. அனைவருக்கும் நண்பர்கள் தின நல்வாழ்த்து&#
  12. 2வது ஆண்டுநிறைவு கொண்டாடும் நமது தளத்தை &
  14. My post dated between 20-7-13 and 27-7-13
  15. Happy and Holy Ganesh Chaturthi
  16. vinayaka chavithi greetings,
  18. Onam
  19. Just telling hello for testing
  20. Happy Birthday K.Vasudevan! (26th of September)
  21. Happy 38th Birthday rishibala@yahoo.com! (28th of September)
  22. Happy 57th Birthday ramakrishnan6002! (29th of September)
  23. Happy 70th Birthday srinivasan kethanda! (29th of September)
  24. Happy 37th Birthday Seshakamal! (30th of September)
  25. Happy 41st Birthday Sakthinarayanan Iyer! (1st of October)
  26. Happy 31st Birthday mrsrinath! (1st of October)
  27. Happy 23rd Birthday Aiswarya Kannan! (1st of October)
  28. Happy 26th Birthday sakthipedam! (1st of October)
  29. Happy 59th Birthday vedanthasridhar! (1st of October)
  30. Happy 45th Birthday Rajah Paranthaman! (2nd of October)
  31. Happy 56th Birthday vijendrrachen! (3rd of October)
  32. Happy Birthday Muralidhar Sribhashyam! (4th of October)
  33. Happy 54th Birthday Rangarajan Sritheran! (5th of October)
  34. Happy Birthday venkatesan! (5th of October)
  35. Happy 43rd Birthday vinayagam! (5th of October)
  36. Happy 62nd Birthday kannanz! (6th of October)
  37. Happy 47th Birthday Anantha Baskar! (6th of October)
  38. Happy 74th Birthday cheenu14@gmail.com! (7th of October)
  39. Happy 46th Birthday Radhakrishnan! (7th of October)
  40. Happy 71st Birthday subramanian k.p.! (7th of October)
  41. Happy 58th Birthday K.Vasudeavn! (8th of October)
  42. Happy 44th Birthday Anuradhapura! (8th of October)
  43. Happy 54th Birthday Sridharankidambi! (9th of October)
  44. Happy 34th Birthday Ekambaram! (9th of October)
  45. Happy 28th Birthday arun u m! (9th of October)
  46. Happy 33rd Birthday A.V. SRI HARSHA! (10th of October)
  47. Happy Birthday S V LAKSHMINARAYANAN! (11th of October)
  48. Happy 61st Birthday Ashok.Q! (11th of October)
  49. Happy Birthday raveendra! (11th of October)
  50. Happy 47th Birthday vatsan_k! (12th of October)
  51. சரஸ்வதி பூசை வாழ்த்துகள்
  52. Happy Birthday LAKSNARA! (13th of October)
  53. Happy Birthday Pradeepn1410! (14th of October)
  54. Happy 33rd Birthday Balaji Sankaran! (15th of October)
  55. Happy 24th Birthday bachu_s! (15th of October)
  56. Happy 51st Birthday vkrajagopalan! (17th of October)
  57. Happy Birthday akilagopal! (17th of October)
  58. Happy 61st Birthday csdesikan! (18th of October)
  59. Happy 28th Birthday bhargava! (19th of October)
  60. Happy Birthday Keshav! (19th of October)
  61. Happy 32nd Birthday sundarrajan.a! (20th of October)
  62. Happy Birthday nmrao4u! (20th of October)
  63. Happy 79th Birthday kcrangan! (22nd of October)
  64. Happy 62nd Birthday 1951raman! (22nd of October)
  65. Happy 52nd Birthday Lakshmi Narasimha S! (22nd of October)
  66. Happy 61st Birthday rajgee! (23rd of October)
  67. Happy 59th Birthday astraura! (23rd of October)
  68. Happy 26th Birthday swathyjai! (23rd of October)
  69. Happy Birthday dsk2410! (24th of October)
  70. Happy 51st Birthday ganesan108! (24th of October)
  71. Happy 25th Birthday Subramaniam! (25th of October)
  72. Happy 40th Birthday efasaravanan! (26th of October)
  73. Happy 71st Birthday Govindakrishnan Alagar! (26th of October)
  74. Happy 21st Birthday ksheerabthi! (27th of October)
  75. Happy 55th Birthday seshadri58! (27th of October)
  76. Happy Birthday madapusi arvindgovin! (27th of October)
  77. Happy 57th Birthday B Suresh Kumar! (28th of October)
  78. Happy 59th Birthday KSMANIAN! (28th of October)
  79. Happy Birthday rajasubbu! (28th of October)
  80. Happy Birthday suburamani! (28th of October)
  81. Happy 31st Birthday srisaiprasadhhh! (29th of October)
  82. Happy Birthday sargursunder! (30th of October)
  83. Happy 50th Birthday badri7758! (30th of October)
  84. Deepavali Greetings
  85. Deevali greetings
  86. Happy Deepavali
  87. Happy 56th Birthday visumouli57! (31st of October)
  88. Happy 34th Birthday rrajanarthagi@gmail.! (31st of October)
  89. Happy 57th Birthday Ranganathan! (31st of October)
  90. Diwali Greetings.
  91. Happy Deepaavali to ALL :)
  92. தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்
  93. Happy Birthday somuiyer! (1st of November)
  94. Happy 39th Birthday priyanavnith! (1st of November)
  95. Happy 53rd Birthday sridharan nadadhur! (2nd of November)
  96. Happy 53rd Birthday sridharan AN! (2nd of November)
  97. Happy 53rd Birthday Sridharan Nadadur! (2nd of November)
  98. Happy 41st Birthday S. SHANKAR GURU! (2nd of November)
  99. Happy 38th Birthday RanganathanSundaravaradan! (4th of November)
  100. Happy 56th Birthday sambasivam! (4th of November)
  101. Happy Birthday girija! (4th of November)
  102. Happy Birthday gsreekrishnan! (6th of November)
  103. Happy 62nd Birthday M Ambika Prasad! (6th of November)
  104. Happy 59th Birthday moorthy.nkl! (6th of November)
  105. Happy 29th Birthday Sathya! (7th of November)
  106. Happy 48th Birthday Srimathi! (7th of November)
  107. Happy 63rd Birthday rajukrishnan_1950! (7th of November)
  108. Happy 32nd Birthday santoshkumarc! (8th of November)
  109. Happy 54th Birthday pram45! (9th of November)
  110. Happy 82nd Birthday ऐ वि यनाचार्य! (9th of November)
  111. Happy Birthday premapad! (10th of November)
  112. Happy Birthday viswacisco! (10th of November)
  113. Happy 77th Birthday Lachumi! (10th of November)
  114. Happy Birthday Bhaskar Sharma! (12th of November)
  115. Happy Birthday ramakrishna! (13th of November)
  116. Happy 43rd Birthday seshadri! (13th of November)
  117. Happy 27th Birthday Thirumalai! (14th of November)
  118. Happy 47th Birthday sudarsam! (14th of November)
  119. Happy Birthday charusiva! (14th of November)
  120. Happy Birthday sundaram bashyam! (15th of November)
  121. Happy 72nd Birthday sound18! (15th of November)
  122. Happy 52nd Birthday KSRINI361! (15th of November)
  123. Happy 63rd Birthday pamaran! (16th of November)
  124. Happy 55th Birthday sravi! (16th of November)
  125. Happy 52nd Birthday venkideswaran! (17th of November)
  126. Happy Thirukkarthigai
  127. Happy 61st Birthday avvvr1952@gmail.com! (18th of November)
  128. Happy 51st Birthday sasikala! (19th of November)
  129. Happy 59th Birthday cdmsankar! (20th of November)
  130. Happy 35th Birthday karthik iyer! (20th of November)
  131. Happy Birthday scorpioncan! (20th of November)
  132. Happy 56th Birthday narayana swamy r! (20th of November)
  133. Happy 38th Birthday rlsrini! (21st of November)
  134. Happy 38th Birthday ttragavan! (21st of November)
  135. Happy Birthday ramasethu2001! (21st of November)
  136. Happy 56th Birthday stvaradarajan! (22nd of November)
  137. Happy Birthday vhas64! (22nd of November)
  138. Happy 68th Birthday kannan871! (22nd of November)
  139. Happy 45th Birthday kolan! (22nd of November)
  140. Happy 62nd Birthday normanco! (24th of November)
  141. Happy 30th Birthday venkatakota! (24th of November)
  142. Happy 29th Birthday madhav.1984! (24th of November)
  143. Happy 46th Birthday balaji_t_s! (24th of November)
  144. Happy 38th Birthday bmnprasad! (26th of November)
  145. Happy Birthday ramyachandran! (27th of November)
  146. Happy 35th Birthday SIVAPRAKASAM! (27th of November)
  147. Happy Birthday VVR! (28th of November)
  148. Happy 53rd Birthday ms ramprakaash! (28th of November)
  149. Happy 61st Birthday narasimhan.d! (28th of November)
  150. Happy 23rd Birthday Shyam2811! (28th of November)
  151. Happy Birthday Kasthuri Rangan! (29th of November)
  152. Happy Birthday pathakkrunal! (30th of November)
  153. Happy 56th Birthday ananpad! (1st of December)
  154. Happy 59th Birthday Jayasree Rangarajan! (1st of December)
  155. Happy Birthday harish bhatt! (1st of December)
  156. Happy 55th Birthday NDSELVA! (1st of December)
  157. Happy 54th Birthday shivblesssree! (1st of December)
  158. Happy 54th Birthday vedhanthanvedhasri! (2nd of December)
  159. Happy Birthday Seshasayee! (2nd of December)
  160. Happy 31st Birthday srinivasa1950! (3rd of December)
  161. Happy 42nd Birthday rajeshg! (3rd of December)
  162. Happy 50th Birthday veerathara! (3rd of December)
  163. Happy 44th Birthday balaji srinivas! (3rd of December)
  164. Happy Birthday pshivasubramanian! (3rd of December)
  165. Happy 88th Birthday Anbil Ramaswamy! (5th of December)
  166. Happy Birthday Sivasubramani Hariharan! (8th of December)
  167. Happy Birthday subbu123! (8th of December)
  168. Happy Birthday mnanandarajah! (8th of December)
  169. Happy 56th Birthday varadha! (9th of December)
  170. Happy 61st Birthday surasesha! (9th of December)
  171. Happy 72nd Birthday vengadam1941! (10th of December)
  172. Happy 53rd Birthday Balaji20c! (10th of December)
  173. Happy 59th Birthday M.Ganesa Sarma! (11th of December)
  174. Happy Birthday Ranjani! (11th of December)
  175. Happy Birthday Aishwarya Seshadri! (12th of December)
  176. Happy 49th Birthday Smaniam65! (12th of December)
  177. Happy Birthday santana! (13th of December)
  178. Happy 29th Birthday TANGIRALA JAYA KRISH! (13th of December)
  179. Happy 55th Birthday naren222! (14th of December)
  180. Happy 50th Birthday rmurali7mov! (14th of December)
  181. Happy 24th Birthday Pushkar deshpande! (15th of December)
  182. Happy 33rd Birthday itdishaa! (16th of December)
  183. Happy 36th Birthday ramyadilip! (17th of December)
  184. Happy 40th Birthday Nagarajan Anjanadri! (17th of December)
  185. Happy 57th Birthday murali171256! (17th of December)
  186. Happy Birthday shankarkrishna! (17th of December)
  187. Happy 53rd Birthday sureshsrinivasan! (18th of December)
  188. Happy 53rd Birthday savisuraj! (18th of December)
  189. Happy 49th Birthday purisaimuku! (19th of December)
  190. Happy 30th Birthday vasista2k! (19th of December)
  191. Happy 27th Birthday msvenka! (19th of December)
  192. Happy Birthday rmagesh75! (21st of December)
  193. Happy 70th Birthday kannanvathsala! (22nd of December)
  194. Happy 31st Birthday Chakravarthy Bharath! (22nd of December)
  195. Happy Birthday ananthanarayana! (22nd of December)
  196. Happy 57th Birthday rajasekaran! (22nd of December)
  197. Happy 31st Birthday viv_w101! (22nd of December)
  198. Happy 37th Birthday V Prasanna Shrinivas! (23rd of December)
  199. Happy 40th Birthday Rkrgopalan! (23rd of December)
  200. Happy 32nd Birthday manojgokhale! (24th of December)
  201. Happy Birthday thiruvonamraja! (25th of December)
  202. Happy 27th Birthday kasiviswanathan! (25th of December)
  203. Happy 44th Birthday ramamani! (25th of December)
  204. Happy 69th Birthday PANDURANGRAO! (25th of December)
  205. Happy 52nd Birthday tsrajan! (27th of December)
  206. Happy 61st Birthday Velamuri9! (28th of December)
  207. Happy Birthday sandhyasathya! (29th of December)
  208. Happy 62nd Birthday SNS Manian! (29th of December)
  209. Happy 28th Birthday ANNAMALAI! (29th of December)
  210. Happy 31st Birthday madhumitha! (30th of December)
  211. Happy 29th Birthday surender123! (31st of December)
  212. Happy 58th Birthday mdusekar! (31st of December)
  213. Wish you all a very very Happy New Year - 2014!
  214. Happy 53rd Birthday lakshmin! (31st of December)
  215. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  216. Happy 27th Birthday vijay.sudharshanam! (1st of January)
  217. Happy 63rd Birthday P S NARAYANAN! (1st of January)
  218. Happy 43rd Birthday Lakshmi Hayagriva! (1st of January)
  219. Happy 62nd Birthday visaliraman! (1st of January)
  220. Happy 23rd Birthday usdeiva! (1st of January)
  221. Happy 33rd Birthday vyshnaa! (1st of January)
  222. Happy 63rd Birthday vkannanesl! (1st of January)
  223. Happy Birthday pvrk06! (1st of January)
  224. Happy Birthday geekayraman! (2nd of January)
  225. Happy Birthday R.SRINIVASAN! (3rd of January)
  226. Happy 31st Birthday muralikrishnap! (3rd of January)
  227. Happy 60th Birthday Raghavan! (4th of January)
  228. Happy 32nd Birthday prasaddevathi! (4th of January)
  229. Happy Birthday sindhu! (4th of January)
  230. Happy Birthday kariyer! (6th of January)
  231. Happy 73rd Birthday yenbee100! (7th of January)
  232. Happy 68th Birthday rajagopalan.ranga! (7th of January)
  233. Happy 53rd Birthday Ramesh Viswanathan! (8th of January)
  234. Happy 47th Birthday kannaniyangar! (8th of January)
  235. Happy Birthday vijayraaam! (8th of January)
  236. Happy 42nd Birthday Srivals Kumar! (8th of January)
  237. Happy 57th Birthday Ramesh Ananthan! (9th of January)
  238. Happy 51st Birthday chakks99! (9th of January)
  239. Happy 74th Birthday Kerala Brahmin! (10th of January)
  240. Happy Birthday V.Raghavan! (10th of January)
  241. Happy 71st Birthday Tenparai Padmanabhan! (11th of January)
  242. Happy 23rd Birthday acharya1! (11th of January)
  243. Happy 45th Birthday Padmak! (11th of January)
  244. Happy 35th Birthday KGSAILESH! (12th of January)
  245. Happy 53rd Birthday Nara55552009! (13th of January)
  246. இனிய சங்கராந்தி (பொங்கல்) நல்வாழ்த்துக்க
  247. Happy 59th Birthday rajes! (13th of January)
  248. Happy Birthday devanathan.pj! (14th of January)
  249. பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்
  250. Happy 57th Birthday R Uppili! (15th of January)