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04-05-2013, 06:01 PM
May I go back Home ...

May I gain and release the Body,
May I know and pass the Breath,
May I clean and drain the Mind,
And who knows what I will find?

May I go beyond Memory and Intellect,
Where good and bad come to intersect,
May I pass through Wit and Wisdom,
And there I reach my Home Kingdom.

May I reach and touch the Bliss,
May I say and feel “I am This!”,
May the Self blossom and swell,
May it be there I always dwell.


Dear Brahminsnet members,

As this is my first post in the forum, may I introduce myself. I am Renuka, a novice in Spirituality, nevertheless trying to learn. I am a big fan of our Dharma principle.

I attended an Art of Living course, and I was very much impressed by the Pancha Kosha principle as taught there. My knowledge in feeble in thathvams of our religion, all I know is a few stories from our Epics (Mahabharata is my favourite) and a few slokams. By the blessings of Guru and elders, I am fortunate enough to understand that all our diverse faiths, stories and slokams for the Uninitiated, the smallest verse to the magnum opus works, are all interconnected and talk of the Same theme. Looking with this light in mind, I had an impression that the Mahabharata is a gigantic metaphor of the Pancha Kosha principle.

I would like to submit a series of articles in Tamil on this theme on the Brahminsnet forum. Sort of what i would call "The Pancha Kosha for Dummies" in technology parlance! I request the esteemed members to take a look at these and guide me through comments.



06-05-2013, 04:44 PM
introduction itself is very interesting and creating a strong eager to look for the article!
Best wishes,

17-09-2016, 12:48 PM
Poem is too good. I am very impressed from your.