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    My dear Friends and well wishers,
    We are in the period of ASTROLOGERS who drive the world of all irrespective of age , cast and religion.
    Every media has a separate area for ASTROLOGY.
    It was considered to be a "DHARIDRA BHUDDI" in ancient times as most of the astrologers were poor.
    To the astrologers are a clan of very wealthy individuals.
    Still we have good individuals, fakes and those who depend on Computers driving people from pillar to post and temples to temples and place to place for PARIHARAMS.
    Yet we say god is omnipotent and omnipresent and is every where.
    There are still a few individuals who do astrology as a passion and vacation and not a Profession commercially.
    Smt Padmini V Ramanan , comes from an ancestral astrologers family and is a DEVI UPASAKI.
    Her maternal grandfather Nallur Drawing Master Kalyanasundaram iyer was a great Sanskrit scholar, DEVI UPASAKAR and a famous astrologer who has helped a large number of people.
    Her mother Neela Srinivasa was a Devi Upasaki and was an astrologer who predicted for those who approached her after discovery.
    Smt Padmini has had her initial training with the above great peopler and was only increasing her knowledge in astrlogy all these years. She has helped a few who discovered her talent and some of her students and friends mainly as a second opinion.

    Shouls any one be interested to have consultation , they may contact her at
    91-044-22463148 ; 91-044-9444127974 ; 91-044-9840308612.
    or at or

    Those who require her services are requested to send their
    Date of birth, Time of birth in 24 hour clock, and place of birth for casting horoscope.
    Analysis could be done after two days between 10 am and 4 pm.

    We do not see horoscope after 4 pm.

    You may contact her at
    Smt. Padmini V Ramanan
    4/27-B, IIT colony 1st Street,
    Narayanapuram, Pallikaranai,
    Chennai- 600100
    9444127974 ; 91-044-22463148 ; 9840308612

    email- ;