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    Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is famous for formulating the Theory Of Relativity. He was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for discovering the Law of Photoelectric effect. Who would ever believe that as a child he was very slow in learning to talk!

    Einstein was so very slow in learning to talk that his parents were greatly concerned about this and consulted a few doctors to make sure that he was a normal child.

    His slow verbal development had its good points too! Unlike the other children who pester their parents with thousands of “Why” and “How” Einstein learned to think and figure out about the various curious things seen around, by himself.

    He got a gift of compass needle at the age of 5. He was fascinated by the needle always pointing North, wherever and however it was placed. His fascination for magnetic field lasted through out his life.

    He had the rare ability to think in terms of mental pictures rather than in mere words. He inferred more from the visual experiments performed in his imagination, than from those performed in the laboratory.

    Einstein was a great theoretical physicist and philosopher. He is the best known scientist of all times. He published more than 300 scientific papers and more than 150 non scientific work. He wrote on Philosophical and political subject with equal ease.

    Several European and American Universities conferred on him honorary Doctorate degrees for Science and Philosophy.

    Einstein was so extraordinarily brilliant that his name is now synonymous with the word Genius.

    Was he the same person who in his childhood caused undue worry in the minds of his parents?

    Visalakshi Ramani