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  • Learn Swimming.

    Learn Swimming.

    Please enroll children in Swimming Lesson courses as it is a life saving Skill to be acquired by one and all. Most of our kids in foreign countries learn swimming as there are number of facilities available over there.
    Our Indian Girls will not feel shy if they are enrolled at a very young age, but once they grow up, they may not like to wear Swimming dress to learn Swimming.

    If you do not know how to swim, please learn this Skill; Age is no bar to learn Swimming; when I was around 40, I started to learn Swimming along with my son and daughter in Calcutta

    Very few urban Indian men can swim, and in addition almost very few Indian women, urban, rural can swim . This is because of the cultural clothing restrictions. It is almost impossible to learn how to swim while wearing baggy full clothing.

    Swimming is a basic skill that is not emphasized too much by the majority of urban Indian parents just like any other sports. They probably tell their kids not to waste time and money on learning swimming and instead spend it reading for the next year’s school subjects so they can all get jobs in IT companies.

    Among my generation hardly very few of us knows how to swim, I mean I am over 70 age; fortunately, I learnt swim at the age of 40.

    Age is no bar in learning Swimming.

    My son, daughter, grand children know swimming, but not my wife; my daughter in law is learning now.
    My wife had a chance to learn swimming with me when she was only 32, but she refused to wear any swimming dress in those days.
    Nowadays, in Chennai, there are many Hotels with swimming pools, exclusive Ladies time and Woman coach; it should encourage affordable ladies to learn swimming