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Significance of Bharani Star

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  • Significance of Bharani Star

    Sri Vishnusahasranaama Stothram removes all the ills associated with any grahadoshams to any chanter of any Nakshatram (Stars viz.constellations) and provides supreme solace and supreme bliss. There are 27 Nakshatram starting from Aswini and ending with Revati. Each Nakshatram has four Paadam. Thus 108 slokhas correspond to 27 X 4 nakshatra padams. Thus a person born in Aswini 1st Paadam can chant first slokha, Bharani 1st padams can chant 5th slokha and so on for respective Nakshatra Saanthi. A person not sure of one's Nakshatra can chant all the 108 slokhas and get rid of all ills associated with one's Nakshatram and attain sampoorna saanthi.

    Now about persons born in Bharani Star:

    BHARANI can be roughly translated into "SHE WHO BEARS". The name relates primarily to the feminine side of nature and its capacity to RECEIVE, HOLD, NURTURE AND DESTROY. Bharani therefore carries all the above attributes.

    YAMA, the lord of death, is considered the main presiding DEITY of this natshatra.

    .This nakshatra is related to the Sage Vashishta, one of the seven celestial sages looking after the affirs of our galaxy. The name of this sage translates into "possessor of wealth", which is in keeping with this asterism. Bharani has a tendency to be financially well off, as implied by the sage's name.

    People of Bharani Star are generally grateful in nature and capable of facing opponents. They are charitable and complimented by others for their generous qualities. They are self-reliant.

    And all Baharni borns have a CREATIVE urge inside them.
    They know the scriptures, rationale, intelligent and win the quarrels.

    They are stable, knowledgeable and truthful. They are long lived.

    They will have a strong will power. Once you determine to do something, you will put your heart and soul in it and finish the work. You will always speak the truth. They will be healthy and devoid of even the minor ailments. They will be clever and skilful. Whatever work you do, you will do it with full the perfection giving nobody the chance to criticize you.

    Sometimes their strong will power will take the form of obstinacy, which will annoy their friends and relatives and others close to them

    They will earn a lot of money and will never be short of wealth ever in their life. They will be very good looking.They will lead a happy family life with a devoted spouse and obedient sons. They will study various sciences and will go on religious journeys. Their life will be flourished with wealth and luxuries. There will be a flair for writing in them and they will get success as a poet. They will own many precious gems and jewelries. They will be friendly and sociable. They will perform all the rituals sincerely and regularly. They will be intelligent and virtuous. They will be a poor eater.

    They might be, in some cases will be the only son but if you have other siblings they are sure to stand best amongst them.
    These are only general Predictions.