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    Kalyana Utsavam

    When Sri Maha PeriyavaaL was camping in Tirupathi, he arranged for performing a Kalyana Utsavam (for a fee of Rs.600/-). The Devastanam people gave prasAdam after the Utsava events were over. Srinivasa Perumal Darshanam was arranged for those who paid for the Kalyana Utsavam, outside the formality of the usual queue. Because of his devotion to PeriyavaaL, the Peshkar invited everyone who was with Sri PeriyavaaL--there were 15 people--for Perumal Darshanam.

    "If a Kalyana Utsavam is done, to how many is the darshan permission given?"

    "Six people", said the Peshkar.

    "In that case, only six of us will come for this privileged darshan. Myself, Pudu PeriyavaaL and then four other people..."

    "Everyone can go (for the darshan)...", said the Peshkar submissively.

    "That is wrong, adharmam. The Devasthanam has framed a rule that only six people can go. You are a Devasthanam chippanti (staff member). Because of your bhakti towards me, if you send all the fifteen people for darshan, in that act two offenses arise. One is the offense of a Devasthanam official himself transgressing a rule framed by the Devasthanam! When the people who frame the rules do not respect them, then why the rules? The other (offense) is what I have done by giving you a nirbandha (insistence) to overstep the rule!..."

    'Dharma is not for mere prasAram (preaching), it should be shown in anuSTAnam by the svayam.' Sri Maha PeriyavaaL by his own act had stood in proof of this statement. If 'rAmo vigrahavAt dharmaH'--Sri Rama is the holy form of Dharma--, our Maha PeriyavaaL is a second Rama was the truth I learned through my own eyes (on that day).