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    If you think that a cow's expression doesn't change, think again. Cows are emotional creatures, whose moods, facial expressions and fears shift throughout the day. They form lifelong friendships with other cows, and, like humans, they experience a range of emotions, including love and devotion. They also bear terrible grudges, which can last a lifetime - and scientists believe that some cows even worry about the future. It is known that when they are separated from their families, friends, or even favorite human companions, cows grieve over the loss. Incredibly, mother cows have been known to break out of fields and then walk for miles to be reunited with calves sold at auction.
    They are able to track down their offspring through their excellent senses of hearing and smell. Cows can detect odors from as far away as 8km, and can hear high and low frequencies better than humans. It is no surprise, therefore, that the cow is one of the most successful species on earth.

    Cows have huge pupils and their eyes can collect more light than ours. Because their eyes are on the side of the head, they can see in a 330 degree arc - so that, in the wild, they can spot potential predators from all directions. Every cow has a flight zone - an invisible ring around the animal. Each cow's zone is different, but if you move within it, the cow will move away.