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    What is Dream?

    The mental impressions happening at waking stage are known as ‘thoughts’

    The mental impressions happening at sleep state are known as ‘Dreams’

    Why do we dream?

    Dreams are real and caused by the Supreme God. In short emotions we experience during the dream are intended to be experienced due to some previous Karma (action)

    Therefore there may not be any interpretations for some dreams because they are meant only for ‘experience’.

    These experiences are felt though these dreams.

    What Type of Dreams we usually Experience?

    Most dreams evoke joy or sorrow or pleasure or pain.

    There are dreams in which the dreamer smells or tastes etc.

    There are cases in which the dreamer has the vision of what will happen; sometime the dreamer gets coded messages about the events to happen in his life!!! These messages may not be clear, because it was meant to be like that.

    What is the duration of a Dream

    There are different opinions expressed as to the duration of a dream.

    Children seem to dream most of the time while in sleep.
    If the dream is significant our conscious mind, we remember it.

    Can we continue the dream?
    A dream is what we remember in the morning, so it is a “memory” of the dreaming experience;

    Do Animals also Dream?
    More conclusive studies need to be carried out before anyone can be sure if an animal dreams or not.

    Dream Interpretation

    Dream interpretation is all about attaching meaning to the symbols, situations, and events seen in the dreams and it also helps us understand the significance of dreams. However, this topic is very complex and each school of thought has different opinion about different types of dream . Today there are many websites that tell you the significance of dreams based on what you see in the dream, at what time you see the dream, etc. but they are generalized and so their authenticity is questionable.
    Biological Significance of Dreams

    Humans dream when they are in the REM stage sleep. REM refers to Rapid Eye Movement. When we are sleeping, our brain still works and it produces large and slow waves. At some point the brain waves become smaller and faster that causes rapid eye movement. This stage is known as REM and every night we go through this REM sleep. In this period humans see certain pictures and images moving in their mind and we call it a dream.

    According to experts, it is one of the important aspect of procession of the memory. During the REM sleep the brain stem and memory interact in such a way that the innermost part of the mind and memory comes in front of our eyes in the form of flashes, pictures, and symbols. Like any other body systems, dreams are the essential part of memory storage, recollection, and processes of the brain. So, no doubt that dreams have some significance but only the dreamer can interpret it well as it is related to his life. and other sites