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Sri Mukkur Swami's death[paramapadha prapthi]

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  • Sri Mukkur Swami's death[paramapadha prapthi]

    Article related to Sri Mukkur Swami's death[paramapadha prapthi]

    From Hindu Newspaper Article dated 2001

    Crusader for Hinduism :-
    EVEN IN this age of very advanced technology, there are certain
    superhuman instances in the field of spiritualism. How else can one explain
    this? An extremely obese person had performed the feat of standing waist-deep
    in the rapidly flowing waters of a river for nearly 60 hours, meditating on
    God, even without sipping a glass of water, as part of his commitment to carry
    out a penance. This happened about a year ago in Mattapalli, a village about
    150 km from Vijayawada, where the on the banks of the Krishna (in a crevice)
    the idol of Narasimha is installed. And the incredible act was performed by a
    well-known Vedic scholar, Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariar, whom God took
    away to his abode, at the age of 56, just a fortnight ago.

    The Pandit had gone round entire India organising 107 Vedic Yagnams over
    a period of two decades, to highlight the glory of Hindu traditions and to
    enable men to face problems. Thousands had listened to his discourses on a
    variety of subjects (the epics, the Puranas, the Upanishads and the Gita) for
    months, each lecture spreading over even three hours, with Vedic recitations
    preceding them. His aim was to spread Hinduism and make people understand how
    they can get over their anxieties by following the teachings in these works.

    Inheriting knowledge from his father, who was connected with the
    Madurantakam Sanskrit College of Ahobila Math, Sri Lakshmi Narasimhachariar had
    education in Kanchipuram up to PUC and then mastered the Vedas and the Vedanta
    from his brother who was himself a distinguished preacher of Vedic study. Sri
    Lakshmi Narasimhachariar also came under the spell of the 44th Jeeyar Swami of
    Ahobila Math and mastered Sanskrit, Telugu and Tamil, had thorough training in
    Naalayira Divya Prabhandam and had assimilated all the works of Vedanta Desika
    and other illustrious leaders. The profundity of his erudition used to astound
    listeners as he quoted from various sources and works not only of Vaishnavism
    but also of Adi Sankara, Madhusudana Saraswathi and several other religious
    heads. The fact that he had been expounding the term ``Vishnu'' in the
    Sahasranamam for 10 days in a year for three years in succession, at the
    Asthika Samajam, Alwarpet (Chennai) will reveal how he covered various aspects
    of religion and philosophy. He also dwelt on steps of atonement for certain
    acts done violating the scriptural codes.

    Sri Lakshmi Narasimhachariar's lecture at the Asthika Samajam were taped,
    transcribed and published in Kalki. These were later compiled and brought out
    in book form by Vanathi Pathippagam entitled ``Kurai Ondrum Illai'', the first
    and second volumes of which have gone to more than one edition and sold all
    over the world by Tamil people. The third volume has come out recently.

    The late scholar had conducted 107 yagams in different parts of India
    from Rishikesh to Tuticorin. The first was inaugurated in the Asthika Samajam
    about 20 years ago. His 108th (end the last) is due at Ahobilam. A few persons
    were prepared to contribute the entire sum required for each yagam but Lakshmi
    Narasimhachariar was keen that every Asthika should participate in them. He
    never prescribed any remedy for problems as, in his opinion, that would amount
    to a commercial proposition and he, a mercenary. In one case, taking permission
    from the Lord during his prayer he got a girl cured of a serious malady and as
    a result, she is now well- settled in life. Recently he suggested that a famous
    Sanskrit hymn, ``Lakshmi Sahasram,'' be recited for 48 days when a miracle did
    happen as he expected and a couple got back their vision. ``I am a tool in
    helping these devout devotees.'' Never was he anxious to suggest any miraculous

    It was Sri Mukkur Swami who preached that the ``Leonine form of God'' was
    not ``fierce'' as some imagined and popularised Narasimha's worship. After a
    brief period of employment in Vijayawada, at his brother's command he took up
    the discourse- assignment full-time and made ``Mattappali Narasimha'' a
    household name. Tragedy struck when his elder brother who was his teacher in
    the Vedas and Sastras, was killed in a road accident near Vijayawada. Sri
    Mukkur Swami's daily puja (Aradhana) at his residence in T. Nagar used to take
    four to five hours and on and off, he went into a trance. Many of his
    programmes fixed in advance were cancelled as he remarked that ``Narasimha''
    had not given him permission.

    After conducting a Yagam in Mumbai, he came to Chennai and then proceeded
    to Kakinada (where he owns a house) where he suffered a massive heart attack
    and passed away within an hour. His father- in-law, Sri Thirukkallam Narasimha
    Raghavachariar, was also a reputed scholar who too died when he was 58. The
    world of religion and Hinduism mourns the loss of a Vedic authority and a
    spiritual guide in Sri Mukkur Swami's death.

    - DVV

    Yagna Moorthy Of Mukkoor Swamigal Narasimha Yagyams
    Mukkur Swamigal has done 107 Narasimha mahayagnas.
    I strongly believe that he completed the 108th Narasimha Yagyam in Vaikuntam.


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      Re: Sri Mukkur Swami's death[paramapadha prapthi]

      Thank you for wonderful article posted.
      Venkataraghavan Narayanan