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  • Maha Periyava - Akshadhai-in-sand

    Maha Periyava - Akshadhai-in-sand
    Dear All,

    Greetings and Namaste. Inscrutable are the ways of sages - the CPUs of ordinary mortals like me can't process those high clock speed instructions - and they are meant to be so, perhaps.

    Sages, though may have allegiance to a particular sect or faith or religion, are really the boon the mankind in general. We often see the physical form and form our own inferences and conclusions whereas the real sages see through the spirit that has no labels like religion/sect. Regardless of how many times I read, I can't stop getting amazed with awe at great seers like Sri Ramanuja, Sri Desikar, Sri Adi Shankara, Sri Raghavendra, Sri Ugra Narasimha Bharati, Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati, etc. I feel that, even if we make a shoe out of the skin on our heads, we can't repay an iota of iota of what those sages have bestowed us.

    I am reminded of a incidence from the life history of Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati that shows his equanimity to mankind. Once he was about to pass through a village dominated by Muslims, some of whom were fanatic and mischievious. The news came to the Mutt that they were planning to shame Sri Acharya's procession when He passes through the mosque in the middle of the street. The equally fanatic bhaktas of the Mutt planned some form of retaliation should this happen (without Acharya's knowledge).

    When the actual procession took place the following day, nothing untoward happened. In fact, the very people who planned to shame him fell at his feet with Purna Kumbha. At their request, Sri Acharya spent more than an hour chatting with them and he was given a respectful farewell. They themselves did not know how this happened.

    The story does not end here. The fanatics on the other side (Hindu/Mutt) were still fuming and wanted to "teach them a lesson" so that they don't attempt such things in future ("You scratch me, I scratch you tendency"). They approached Acharya for a suitable rebuttal. The Acharya became very sad and angry and he scolded them - "you are not sadhvikas and your minds are corrupt. I have nothing to do with you and I am going on my way" and he departed disowning all of them. Dumbfounded, all of them fell on his feet and begged for his forgiveness. He demonstrated to them indirectly, sages don't entertain lowly and Adhama endeavors and people have to watchful of their demeanor regardless of the religious and sectorial faith and outwardly appearance. Their spiritual power alone can demolish all ills.

    It is a matter of real bhagya that we belong to the holy land where such great sages lived and bestowed immense boons to us! But the crux of the matter does not end in marveling at our boons - their untiring endeavors were towards elevating us from the gutters of Samsara and Gunas. They perhaps seek our ears and heart in return for their boons!

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    Re: Maha Periyava - Akshadhai-in-sand

    என்ன அருமையான வாழ்த்துகள்!!!