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The Forgotton Art when one moves to Foreign Countries.

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  • The Forgotton Art when one moves to Foreign Countries.

    KOLAM Kolam is a familiar sight in front of any house in the southern parts of India. Those days, people, as they woke up in the morning, used to throw handful of rice or rice flours in front of their homes so that tiny ants and other insects could eat them. Gradually the rice flour was carefully placed in front of the houses, and this practice slowly developed into certain designs. These designs are known as kolams.

    Kolam is a daily tribute to harmonious coexistence and mark of auspiciousness in a family; also a way to feed various insects, birds and animals, before they themselves had any food. It is a sign of inviting all into the home, not the least of whom is Goddess Sri Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity... The different patterns / lines in the Kolam are meant to stop the evil entering the home, and positive energy vibrating around the house. Drawing different types of Kolams by woman is a form of Physical and mental excises which help them to keep their mind and body fit for the day’s work.

    Most South Indian Hindus who migrate to other countries forget about this rich tradition