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Child name formality in Iyengar

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  • Child name formality in Iyengar

    I would like you to kindly clarify why vadakalai iyengars in particular do not christen their girls

    Mahalakshmi and Saraswathi although they worship Goddess Mahalakshmi for wealth and Saraswathi for wisdom. Also

    I find that many Iyengars have names such as Venkatraman, Krishnamurthi, Mani, etc. Have you come across

    these names from among your contacts.

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    Re: Child name formality in Iyengar

    When naming a child (boy or girl) we are following to put the name of our "Kula Deivam" or abhimAna deivam.
    So, there is no possibility of having Saraswathi as one of the above for any Iyengar family.
    But, few people had chosen Saraswathy, Uma, Vani as name for their female child.
    There is no any particular reason for not using the names.

    In olden days, names are chosen by elders but now youngsters are choosing names for their child
    by combination of letters, jumbled letters etc. without having any meaning.

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      Re: Child name formality in Iyengar

      Thank you most sincerely swamin. Now I am clarified in my mind. The world is fast changing with new innovations and concepts. Now
      we have no choice but to fall in line with the new ideas of youngsters and cannot force our views on them.



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        Re: Child name formality in Iyengar

        I am an Iyengar and have a cousin sister (maternal uncle's daughter) named Mahalakshmi.
        K. Ravi


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          Re: Child name formality in Iyengar

          It is heartening to find that Mr Ravi's cousin sister's name is Mahalakshmi. There may be many more Iyengar ladies and girls

          having names such as Saraswathi, Mahalakshmi, Uma, and Vani. Very orthodox iyengar families, as I find from my interaction

          with them do not entertain these names . I do not know why?



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            Re: Child name formality in Iyengar

            Where can I find the complete procedure for doing Namakaranam? Can someone please kindly post this?