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    I had done some research on the valampuri sanggu and would like to share with all the devotees....the current valampuri sanggu which is sold all over the world are not a genuine valampuri sanggu because it very rare to obtain.The current valampuri sanggu is a african lightining whelk.And as for the agreement between the sanggu divers and the india goverment there is an agreement that they should give 1 valampuri sanggu to the goverment every year or pay the price of 1000 ordinary sanggu.As per the record they have only receive 3 valampuri sanggu till todate...But there is also possibility that the sanggu are not been going to the authority but anyhow I belief that valampuri sanggu is quite expensive ....recently I came to know that a small one will cost approximately USD 10,000.If you are lucky you can get for that price.So the current once are most probably bagus valampuri sanggu...because I hv about 5 with me it was given to me by a iskcon temple for free of charge.And also I have heard that the gaverment of india has stopped sending conches out of india because of the difficulty to secure even ordinary blowing conch.
    Just sharing what I came to know