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Dos and Don’ts at the Grahana Kaala

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  • Dos and Don’ts at the Grahana Kaala

    Dos and Don’ts at the Grahana Kaala:

    Sleeping during the time of Eclipse leads to illnesses.

    Passing urine ends up in poverty and bad luck.
    Easing the stomach (Stools) leads to the life of ‘krimis’ in the following birth. ‘
    “Maithuna’ lands up as a pig in the next birth.
    Head bath during the Eclipse period leads a person to leprosy
    and Bhojana in the time paves way to naraka.
    Eating the remnants of bhojana cooked before or during the Grahana Kaala is prohibited as would lead to stomach and digestive problems and similarly drinking even water would tell upon the system.
    However, the carry forward storage of curd, milk, butter, ghee, unused oil and such other uncooked stocks might be consumed after the Grahana but should be duly covered by ‘Dharbha Khandaas’ as would be protected by the rays of Sun or Moon in grahana.

    ‘Garbha Strees’ women during conception ought to protect themselves from the fall of the rays as there had been several evidences of the babies born thereafter suffering from physical deformities.