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first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

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  • first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

    AYUSHYA HOMAM; It should be done only on the same tamil month next year on he same birth star. If the birth star comes twice on that month select the 2 nd birth star date. You may do this every month from this time onwards but nowa days it is impossible. so you can do on the janma tamil month and birth star day.

    send invitation well in advance to your father-in-law . If you want to print pathrikai you may do. and then send the pathrikai to all your friends and relatives. It is better doing this in your house where you are living.( Rented or own house). count the number of approximate persons to be present there for the function. contact the contracter for food, tiffin, coffee. If it is in your house make arrangements for shamiana, chairs, dining table , water, paper cups etc;

    Buy paper /plastic bags to give to the attendies thaamboolam, fruit/coconut and gift if any. for ear boring inform pathar.

    Father in law will bring mothira panam, dhoty;thundu; saree; blouse bit; paruppu thengai; kaaparisee; katiparupu; chandanam; pushpam;haram;fruits; sugar; kalkandu; sweets and savory, dress for the child. anna praasna plate in silver, ear rings,beel ;betelnuts; chandan; kumkumam; manjal; In return the child's father's father must give thaamboolam, chandanam, kumkumam.sugar. fruits, and money to the child's mother's father.

    Turmeric powder 50 gram; coconut 6; plantain fruit 25; betel 100; betel nut /seeval 100 gram; pushpa saram 3metre; uthiri pushpam 100 grams; chandhanam 5 gram; kumkumam10 gram; plantain leaves 4; paddy/wheat 1 kilo; raw rice 1 kilo; ghee for homam 750 grams; homa kuchi 100; havis 100ml; mango bunch 6 nos; oothubathi, camphor; visiri; sombu; homa kundam/ bricks 10 nos; deepam; thiri; oil; match box; pancha pathra uthirini; dhoopa kaal; dheepa kaal; thaambaalam 4; kinnam 4; or pakku mattai kinnam 6; aasana palagai/ thaduku 4 nos.

    If you have to do jathakarma and namakaranam and annapraasnam now due to unavoidable circumstances kaalaatheetha graha preethee should be done, honey and curd are required now.

    Anuggai=permission; vigneswarar pooja; graha preethee; punyaha vachanam; nandhi; ear boring; kalasa sthaapanam; varunan; thruyambaka rudhra ayur devatha; nakshathra devatha aavaahanam; 16 upachara pooja; homam: thrayamba rudhra homam; ayushya; nakshathra devatha homam; ( samithu, annam, ghee,) jayadhi homam; punar pooja; aasirvatham; haarathy.

    upanayanam and marriage details will be continued. .

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    Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM


    TURMERIC POWDER 50 GRAM; KUMKUMAM 10 GRAM; COCONUT 4 NOS; PLANTAIN FRUITS 25 NOS; BETEL LEAVES 100 NOS; BETEL NUT 100 GRAMS; SEEVAL AND PAAKU POTTALAM 50 GRAMS; THODUTHA pushpam 5 metre; haaram 1 no; chandanam 5 gram; ghee 1 kilo; lime fruit 2; plantain leaf 8 nos; mango leaf bunch 6 nos; havis 250 gram; oothubathy 1 pocket; camphor one pocket; sambrani 10 gram; bilvam 2 pocket; uthiri pushpam for archanai 500 gram; brass kudam 1; no; brass sombu ( one litre capacity) 1 no; nool kandu no,.10 one no. bricks 10 nos; or homa kunddam ; sand 10 kg; srai thool 5 kg; vratti 25 nos; manjal 250 gram;

    brass kinnam or paaku mattai kinnam 10 nos; aasana palagai or thadukku 6 nos; homa kuchi purasu 1 kattu; vasthram for kumbam 2 metre in any colour or white; wheat 1 kilo ; raw rice 1 kilo; bell 1 . deepam, oil for deepam; thiri; match box; pen knief; visiri; dhoopa kaal; deepa kaal;othubadhi stand; 4 satrigals are required. navagraha vasthram: red 2; black1; green 1; yellow 1; blue 1 no.; white 2 nos; multiple colour 1; total 9 for navagraha vasthram each 80 cms to one metre in length.

    navagraha samithu : erukku; porasu; arasu; naayuruvi; karungaali; vanni; arugan grass; dharbhai;aththi; each oru kattu. available in naatu marunthu shops;

    Navagraha dhaanyangal: wheat; rawrice; thuvarai; green gram; sundal kadalai; mochai; ellu; black gram; horse gram each 50 or 100 grams.

    crush some elakkai; pachai kalpooram; krambu; and vetti ver and put them in the brass kudam; all other things are the same as abhdha poorthy (ayushya homam) . If the child born as ''kodi surrtri prathal'' give as charity 1 metre of silver or gold wire. haarathy and sastrigals meals.


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      Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for the detailed explanation about Ayushya Homam. I have a question about this homam - please clear my doubt. My son will be completing 1 year this August. We are living in the USA and will not be doing homam at the time of completion. But, we would like to do homam when we visit India. At that time, if the boy's father will not be available, please tell me the order of preference for who can do the homam among these people.
      Boy's Thatha - paati - Mother's parents
      Boy's Thatha - Paati - Father's parents
      Boy's Mama - Mami - Mother's brother & his wife
      Boy's Periappa - Periamma - Father's brother and wife.

      We do not know the availability / convenience of these people - that is why I am asking for an order of preference.

      Thank you very much in advance for the clarification!



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        Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

        1. father's parents. 2. father"s brother 3> mother"s parents and 4.Mother"s brother.


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          Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

          Thank you for the clarification, Sir!


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            Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

            Om Haam Ayur Devathaabhyo Namaha

            With the performance of Ayushya Homam, one gets sick free life and
            gets blessings from Ayur Devatha
            to overcome life threatening ailments.
            The Homam is performed with the chanting of sacred chants from the Vedas,
            particularly the Ayushya Suktam. . Our Puranas states that this homam
            can also be performed once in a year for a healthy long life. On peforming
            this homam, Ayur Devatha blesses with long life, strength, positive energy. Normally,
            people who are suffering from any serious illness for a continuous
            period, do perform Ayushya Homam together with Dhanvanthiri Homam.
            Lord Dhanvanthri gives a disease-free life and relief from illness and listening
            to Mantras enhances the vitality/health. The following Mantras are
            normally chanted during the Homam.

            Dhanvantri Mantra
            Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya
            Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha Hastaaya
            Sarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya
            Dhanvantri Maha-Vishnave Namaha

            Mrityunjaya Mantra

            Om Tryambakam Yajaamahe
            Sugandhim Pushti-vardhanam
            Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
            Mrutyor-muksheeya Ma-amrutaat

            Balasubramanian NR

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              Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

              Is it correct to say that in Srivaishnava families, for the first child, the ayushya homam has to be done on the 1st birthday as per Tamil month and star; for the second child, ayushya homam, ear boring and tonsuring can be celebrated anytime during the second year. Would appreciate if releveant scripture/ sastra vidhi can be cited. dhanyOsmi
              adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan


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                Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

                Ayushya homam is not coming under any Nithya or Naimithika karma
                so, there is no dharma shastra for that.
                These type of karmas are described in some books like 'Shanti kushumakaram', 'Shanti Ratnakaram' etc.
                We, vadhyars are not at all referring those books, just we do as what and how our 'Guru' taught it and did it.

                As per my personal opinion,
                Ayushya Homam is done as Shanti Karma, hence, doing this on the janma nakshatra and janma maasam only will get the full phalan of that karma.

                If you consider the sankalpam itself is good enough evidence, the sankalpam is going like these .....

                ... நக்ஷத்ரே ... ராசௌ ... ஜாதஸ்ய மம குமாரஸ்ய .... ப்ரதம வயஸி ஸம்பூர்ணே, த்விதிய வருஷ ப்ராரம்பே, ஜந்ம மாஸே ஜந்மரிக்ஷே புந:ப்ராப்தே ....

                Also, as per my concern, all karmas done are purely related to sareeram and no way related to Anma
                Vaishnavism is purely related to Anma and as pert its philosophy (with my limited knowledge) all karmas to be done but with the additional sankalpam
                "Sriman Narayana Preethyartham" with Sadhvika thyaagam. So, there will be no interference of philosophy in karmas.
                I mean, rejecting or omitting of some portions of a karma or a complete karma by saying (எங்காத்துல வழக்கமில்லை).

                Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
                please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
                Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
                Best Wishes and Best Regards,


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                  Re: first year abdhapoorthy proceedure AYUSHYA HOMAM

                  as usual, devareer's clear and specific clarification and guidance;
                  adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan