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Gaya srardham procedures

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  • Gaya srardham procedures

    Posted by: "Sai" sai.balakrishnan

    a. Phalguni [Falguni] Teertha Snana Maha Sangalpam
    b. Phalguni [Falguni] Teertha Snanam by way of bringing water from the river in sombu and prokshanam
    c. Phalguni Hiranya Shrraddham [this is the traditional Shrraddham performed on the banks of any sacred river, here the Falguni.]
    d. Shethra Pinda dhanam [given to cow later]
    e. Thila tharpanam
    a. Vishnu Paada Hiranya Shrraddham
    b. Pinda prathanam [64 Pindams for those who have lost mother also; if mother alive 48 pindams]
    c. Mathru Shodacee[not applicable to those whose mother is alive]
    e. Paravana Shraddham (with Homam), Brahmana Bhojanam, Akshaya Ashirvadham by Gaya Brahmana, (Gayalis)
    3. Akshaya Vatam
    a. Akshaya Vatam Pinda Pradaanam
    b. Hiranya Sharddham
    c. Pinda Pradhanam
    d. Mathru Shodacee[not applicable to those whose mother is alive]

    Thirupthi Dhakshinai : To ask Gaya Brahmans if they are satisfied [according to legend, the Brahmins at Gaya are not easily satisfied and it is a tradition to ask them anyway, in an attempt to satisfy them]. Acharya sambhavana [payment of the fees to the pundit]

    15. Saka-Pathra-Ful- Dharisanam[Oru kai-Ilai-Pazham viduthal]

    16. Bhodhi Vruksha Dharisan

    The Pandas[priests at the temple], ofcourse have the habit of pouncing on all the devotees to extract as much money as possible. So one should be careful in dealing with them. It is best not to carry your purse with lot of cash, lest you may land in trouble. It is advisable to carry limited cash only 10 Rs, Coins etc. (only one set Madi Vastram required)

    Temples :
    1. Mangala Gowri Temple
    2. Boudha Gaya on the way back to Kasi, 15 kms from

    Shopping :
    Vishnu Padam Small Ones + Plates (can be used for Tarapnam)

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    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
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    Re: Gaya srardham procedures

    Dasan swamy,
    need maha sankalpam in tamil r in sanskrit and also i need to know the meaning for those sankalpa words.