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Smartha-Vaishnava Difference in Wedding Rituals

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  • Smartha-Vaishnava Difference in Wedding Rituals

    Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 8:25 AM
    Subject: Requesting your help, Swamin

    Dear Swamin,

    Hope all has been going on very well with you.

    I have been in a hectic schedule following my change of work place (MOP Vaishnav College for Women). This is a faculty position and far nearer to our home (Adyar).

    Little did I realize that being in-charge of two departments will devour all my time the way it is doing. It is a 6 day-a-week work schedule. Despite the college timing being 8a.m.-2pm, I return at 4pm with carry over work too.

    Unfortunately, I am going rather slowly with my Lord Hayagreevar sketch.
    I have been feeling very helpless about this.

    A very close acquaintance of ours, a Smartha family is marrying a person from our sampradhayam. The parents want to understand our rituals because they are very very keen that the wedding rituals/practice takes place alongside of their Smartha sampradhyam. I have been scouring the net to provide them with an answer. Could you please tell me the differences and suggest sites as well that would provide me with this answer? I am requesting this of you because of your authoritative knowledge on the subject and nuances of our Sampradhaya.

    I have collated some information but I am not sure if I have covered the grounds that mark the differences in rituals between the two Sampradhayas. Such are the times too that we miss Hema with whom I used to clarify (due to sheer proximity) who is so well versed with these than I am.

    Wishing you a very happy Diwali!

    With kind regards,


    Dear Chitralekha :

    Hearty congratulations on your joining MOP Vaishnava College for Women . May Sri
    MalOlan and our AchAryans blessYou with all soubhAgyams . The sketches of Lord
    Hayagreevan can wiat . No rush .

    A Very Happy DipAwaLi to You also !

    You have done a remarkable job in summarizing the SmArthaa and VaishNavite weddings . It is such a detailed account . I am very impressed .

    By the copy of this note , I am requesting Sriman NVS Swamy ( Vaasu VaadhyAr ) of West Mambalam (?) to help . He is one of the most outstanding Bruhaspathys and has I am sure contacts with Smartha SampradhAya Bruhaspathys locally as well .He will be ideal to perform the VivAham ceremonies according to VaishNavite sampradhAyam and coordinate with the smartaa
    sampradhAyam .

    He is very conversant not only with Vaidheeka procedures like VivAham but he is also an active user of advanced Multimedia Technologies in support of the Vaidhekam Yahoo group that he manages to help AasthikAs . Yourself as a teaching Faculty in Multimedia Technologies can appreciate these skills . Please take a look at Vaideekam Yahoo groups to see the wealth of material there .

    Best wishes ,

    Dear Sriman Sadagopachar Swamin,
    happy to hearing from you after long time.
    for your information : there is no difference in the mantras and order of wedding steps,
    but there will be some difference in the way of doing and slokas used other than veda mantrams.

    Few procedures may vary as follows:
    1. Nischayadhartham
    Vaishnavites will place the "Manai" only towards East and all will sit towards East
    Smarthas will sit as two groups on opposite sides East and West
    Smartha will do "Vaang nischayam" followed by a Vigneswar pooja and they will read out the Patrika.
    Vaishnavite will not do these, they simply give the dress to Bride groom and Bride and do Asirvadham.

    2. Jadhakadi - Vradham
    There will be no difference in these karmas but the Ankuram and Prathisarams will be done separately while doing Jadhakadi / Vradham.
    Smartas will do the Naandhi in a elaborate manner but vaishnavites will do it as hiranya dhanam.

    3. Appakkoodai - Vradha Bhakshanam :
    There will be much difference in this:
    Vaishnavites will place 11 types of bhakshanams of very big sizes in 11 baskets.
    But smartas will supply in 51 or 101 etc. one or two variety only.
    There will be difference in the Sirappu Saman for both.
    Vaishnavite Groom will eat the bhakshanam stomach full but smartas will not do (which is correct).

    4. Kasi Yatra :
    The Smarta Groom will wear the new white dhoti (which is correct) while vaishnavite groom wears the yellowed dhoti.

    5. Oonjal - Pidi :
    There will be some difference in this step also.
    Smartas will give "Paalum Pazhamum" to couple on Oonjal but vaishnavites will not do.
    Three ladies only will do the pradhakshinam of the couple in smarta sampradayam while 5 ladies in vaishnava.

    6. Koorai Pudavai:
    The wearing of the Koorai pudavai will be different for both.

    So, now you can understand that there will be differences in the part of actions and non ritualistic functions and there will be no difference
    in the part of vaideekam except the term used "Naarayana Preethyartam" - Vaishnavites and "Parameswar preethyartam" - smartas, but
    both means the same when checking the inner meaning.

    So, nothing to worry about the mistakes while clubbing the sampradayams, we should take it as that we are creating a new sampradaya
    by having relation with other sampradayam.

    As you have suggested, I am ready to help anybody with suitable smarta vadhyars if requested.


    Dear Sriman Vaasu VaadhyAr Swamy :
    You are extremely helpful as always and thoughtful.
    This is very valuable information . I will share this with Srimathy Chitralekha .
    NamO SrI NriismhAya,

    Dear Swamin,
    Let me thank you profusely for such an instant reply.
    I truly appreciate the speed of your answer. I am sure of an answer from you.
    In this instance, I thank Vasu Vaadhyar Swamin for his kind answer that will for sure help our acquaintance. His descriptions carry the authority and sanction which is what is a big help. I will also let them know of Swamin's willingness to help with suitable vadhiyaar.
    I will see how I can be of help to him given my present constraints.
    Thanking you once again,
    With kind regards,

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
    Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
    Best Wishes and Best Regards,