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Performing sraddham during Pathni's pregnancy?

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  • Performing sraddham during Pathni's pregnancy?


    I have asked to suggest the right thing to do. One of my friends mother's Thiruvidyanam falls in July. Her sister-in-law is pregnant now and the child delivery is expected in September. Someone is suggesting the pregnant woman cannot participate in the Anna sraddham of her mother-in-law. If the pathni cannot participate in Anna sraddham (either cooking or be present in rituals), can her husband do perform sraddham in any other manner? Or can anna sraddham be performed after the punyaha vacanam after the the birth of the child in september? What are the options available to Kartha? The kartha is the only son.
    What is the reason for forbidding the sraddham by daughter-in-law? Can someone give the reason and the prescribed by our sasthras.


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    Re: Performing sraddham during Pathni's pregnancy?

    With the best of my knowledge there is no such sastram which insists to keep away from Shradham, the daughter in law or some other lady for the reason of pregnancy.
    If a pregnant lady is not able to participate in shradham also not compelled to do so by sastras.

    One more thing, in unavoidable circumstances, the kartha can do the shradham as usual with agni santhanam as per Apastamba sutra (Yajur) and
    as "Paani Homam" as per dhrahyayana (samam) sutram.

    On any reason except theetu the shradham should not be postponed.

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