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Ammavasya tharpanam query

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  • Ammavasya tharpanam query

    My father passed away last year and the first anniversary falls in June2013.
    Some say I should start doing tharpanam on ammavasya ; while others say
    tharpanam should be done after the first anniversary; I have seen my father doing
    tharpanam after first anniversary only.
    what is right as per sastram and what is its pramanam?
    Could any one clarify with authoritative texts?


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    Re: Ammavasya tharpanam query

    dear sir,
    vaideeka sri publisher brahma sri raja gopala ganapadigal in his book santheha nivarani part V page no .90-91 says you may start doing amavasai tharpanam after 12 th he is joining one among your pitru. " sapindi karanath urdvam ama sangranamadhishu puthras thilodhakam dhadhyath kshethra pindaan thathaa chareth." (vaidhya natha deeksha deeyam aaniha kandam -20.)

    he should not do homam and braahmana bhojanam for one year. this amavasai tharpanam you are going to do only tharpanam. so you can do after 12th day only amavasai tharpanam. you may do even after one year . there is no mistake in it.

    Usual practise is, one can start from lunar/ solar eclipse tharpanam and from that time onwards you may do amavasai tharpanam regularly. but for this year the lunar eclipse falls on 25-04-2013. you may start from this day lunar eclipse tharpanam and from 9th may you may do amavasai tharpanam regularly.


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      Re: Ammavasya tharpanam query

      thanks Sri Gopalan.