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To promote Sandhyavandhanam and Gayathri Japam

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  • To promote Sandhyavandhanam and Gayathri Japam


    There are many methods to encourage but Prohit Shri Ramji at Nungambakkam takes a sifferent approach.

    Normally he conducts avani avittam at a place called Ashramam in Nungambakkam,Chennai every year. Four years earlier He told all those who have attended avani avittam that he will accept Dakshina only from those who are doing sandya vandanam incl Madyanikam and Bramayanghyam regularly. Others can simply attend Avani avittam ,wear new Poonal and go.This had brought changes in lot of people and they have started doing sandya vandanaam and etc.

    Last year He has asked everybody to do 1008 Gayathri japam atleast on Sundays.

    This year He is giving srimad Ramayanam Book in 7 vols from his own funds to all those who are doing the 1008 Gayathri on Sundays.

    It is very rare to see someone like this and we all pray for his health and well being and may Maha Periava shower his HIs full Blessings on to him and motivate all of us to do our nithyakarma without any breaků

    Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara