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How to observe Ekadasi Vratam

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  • Cheenu
    Re: How to observe Ekadasi Vratam

    Thank you very much for detailed explanation on ekadasi vratham.

    please also mention how to observer shravana dwadesi procedures too.

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  • bmbcAdmin
    How to observe Ekadasi Vratam

    Fresh beginners who want to undertake Ekadasi fasting start it with Utpanna Ekadasi. They can continue it forever or for a year. How long it is continued depends on the devotee.

    All the normal rules associated with Ekadasi are observed during Utpanna Ekadashi.

    Ekadasi Fasting is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is observed on the 11th day of waning and waxing phase of moon in a traditional Hindu calendar. This is one of the most popular Vrat observed in Hinduism. How to observe Ekadashi was narrated to Arjuna by Lord Krishna and is found in the Bhavisyottara Purana.
    When to start Ekadasi Fasting?
    Lord Krishna advices Arjuna to begin the Ekadasi fasting in the autumn season with Utpanna or Uttpatti Ekadasi occurring during the waning phase of the moon in November – December.
    Ekadashi Vrat Fasting Method
    Ekadasi is the name of the Goddess that arose from Lord Vishnu to defeat Demon Mura. Happy with her divine act, Lord Vishnu blessed her that anyone who observes Ekadasi fast will be freed of their sins and will attain Moksha.
    Some people only take a single meal on the Dasami day, the day before Ekadasi.
    Things needed for Ekadasi Puja and Prayer

    A picture or photo or idol of Lord Vishnu
    Tulsi leaves (The tulsi leaves should not be picked on the day but on the previous day)
    Yellow bananas
    And other normal puja items


    Wake up early in the morning. Take bath and offer prayers.
    Perform a simple puja to Lord Vishnu at home by lighting a lamp and offering fruits and Tulsi leaves.
    Pray or meditate for few minutes.
    If there is a Vishnu temple nearby visit the temple and witness morning pujas and rituals.

    Complete fast or Upavas on the day is the main observance.
    Ekadasi Fasting

    Fasting is for 24 hours. It is believed that a partial or total abstinence from food on Ekadasi is rewarded with bliss.
    If you have any health problem or are taking medicines, please consult your doctor before deciding on fasting. You can also opt for a partial fast by avoiding food made of rice.
    Do not eat food made from rice on Ekadashi.
    Strictly avoid eating rice and grains, honey, meat and eating on a bell metal plate. Do not apply oil on the day. (What food can be eaten on Ekadasi for those observing partial fast?)
    Those taking partial fast can consume fruits and milk.

    Take bath and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu
    Evening Prayers

    Take a bath in the evening.
    Repeat the morning puja to Vishnu
    Visit Vishnu temple and witness the evening puja and rituals.

    Prayers for Ekadashi

    Vishnu Ashotharam
    Vishnu Sahasranamam
    Simple Chanting of – Om Namo Narayana
    Or any prayers dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Sri Krishna

    No Sleep of Keeping Vigil at Night
    Staunch devotees who observe Vaikunta Ekadasi fasting do not sleep on the day. They spend the whole night at Vishnu temples or by singing prayers or listening stories dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
    But those devotees who have health problems sleep at night. Those people who work, take rest at night and avoid keeping vigil at night
    Next Day Morning
    The fast is broken on the next day (Dwadashi) after taking bath. Offer prayers to Lord Vishnu by lighting a lamp and then you can break the fast.

    December 6, 2011, Tuesday - Mokshada Ekadasi

    December 21, 2011, Wednesday - Saphala Ekadasi

    Shattila (VAIKUNDA) Ekadasi is January 05, 2012

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  • bmbcAdmin
    Re: How to observe Ekadasi Vratam

    Dwadasi Thithi or Ekadasi thithi is not necessary to do Paranai.
    You should follow any one tradition of Panchangam.
    Find out the Ekadasi day and do the Upavasam - the next day of upavasam is Paranai that is enough.
    Some times it may occur like Shravana Dwadasi which should be followed differently.
    All normal dwadasis are same.

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  • vsrajagopalan
    started a topic How to observe Ekadasi Vratam

    How to observe Ekadasi Vratam

    Dear Bruhaspathi swamin
    The real problem is dwadasi paranai. Some days There is no dwadasi thithi at the time of sun rise at all. Then how to do paranai
    wtithin ekadasi. We all hv heard Ambarisha and Sage Durvasa Bagavan. In Case there is dwadasi throug ot the day the first 15 nzhigai is vishnu padam and one should not take paranai. Paranai thaligai ! Anubavaithavargalukku than adan arumai puriym. Agathi keerai neyyil varuthu podi seidu chuda chuda (adavadu upavasam poornamaga irundavarkalukku) Sadathudan 3 kavalam, Nellikkari pachadi, puli sambandam illamal poritha sathamudu, Kannamudu and finally thayir sadam. Anal adan piragu naal muzhuvadum theertham than. Marunaal vazhakkam pol sappidalam. Dwadasi timing than enna saivadu endru theriavillai