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Krishna Mantra - For Unity In Family

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  • Krishna Mantra - For Unity In Family

    Krishna Mantra - For Unity In Family and Stopping Quarrels
    Constant quarreling and lack of understanding hampers the happiness in a family. Often the reason for quarreling may be silly or insignificant, but the family members may not be able to reach a compromise. This leads to a loss of useful time and causes avoidable emotional distress. In such circumstances it is essential to get some help from god so that you develop the emotional state to be able to cope with such situations more amicably.

    The following 9 mantras are very powerful and can help to bring more tranquility into the family.

    Om kleem krishnaya govindaya namah
    Om kleem krishnaya achyuthaya namah
    Om kleem krishnaya madhavaya namah
    Om kleem krishnaya gopiipriyaya namah
    Om kleem krishnaya govallabhaya namah
    Om kleem krishnaya purushatmane namah
    Om kleem krishnaya prathamaya namah
    Om kleem krishnaya mohanaroopaya namah
    Om kleem krishnaya sushyama komalaya namah

    Chant the mantras 11 times each in the morning and evening after sitting in front of a lit lamp. It is beneficial to start the chanting on a thursday morning. If possible, you may also shower tulsi leaves onto a photo of Lord Krishna or to the base of the lamp while chanting each mantra. You will witness changes in your family within 21 days of regularly practicing these mantras.