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I bow to Lord Vishnu

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  • I bow to Lord Vishnu

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    Shaantaa kaaram bhujaga shayanam
    Padmanaa bham suresham
    Vishwaa dhaaram gaganasa drasham
    Megha varnam shubhaangam.
    Lakshmi kaantam kamala nayanam
    Yogi bhirdhyaana gamyam
    Vande vishnum bhava bhaya haram
    Sarva loka ikanaatham.

    I bow to Lord Vishnu the One Master of the Universe, who is ever peaceful, who reclines on the great serpent bed, from whose navel springs the Lotus of the Creative Power, who is the Supreme Being, who supports the entire universe, who is all-pervading as the sky, who is dark like the clouds and has a beautiful form; the Lord of Lakshmi, the lotus-eyed One, whom the yogis are able to perceive through meditation, He, who is the destroyer of the fear of Samsar.

    Source: Mannargudi Sitaraman Srinivasan