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Hanuman Jayanti December 22 , 2014.

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  • Hanuman Jayanti December 22 , 2014.

    Special Birthday for Lord Hanuman (Hanuman Jayanti)



    There are only 2 Gods with the power to control the 9 planets, and especially the influence of Saturn. Lord Hanuman is one of them. His powers are so great that even Saturn fears to influence him or his devotees. Those who pray to Hanuman are not troubled by the planets as all 9 planets are deeply indebted to Hanuman.
    Hanuman was born on a New Moon day under the Moola Nakshatra. He is considered the hero of heroes as well as the servant of servants. He is totally selfless and without his own agenda. His power is so great that he controls Saturn with his tail, but really he controls Saturn with his Love.Saturn loves and respects Hanuman so much that he cannot bring himself to harm those who are under his protection.

     Birthdays of the Archetypes are special as the Archetype is close to the Earth on that day and it provides us with an opportunity to establish a heart connection with the Deity. A heart connection means the archetype is alive for us and can help us in tangible ways.His Birthday is on December 22nd, IST. 

    Astrology behind Hanuman Jayanti is Very Significant.

    Hanuman and Saturn are both sincere devotees of Lord Rama. Therefore, worshiping Hanuman will bring down the malefic influence of Saturn. Lord Hanuman is the hero of heroes and servant of servants. Mars is the planet that makes one a Hero and Saturn is the planet that teaches humbleness and obedience. These two planets will exchange signs this Hanuman Jayanti. This is a rare alignment and it makes both planets very powerful.Jupiter's benefic influence will be felt, Moola is the birth star of Lord Hanuman and Moola is ruled by Ketu. Ketu is currently placed in the sign of Jupiter and will also receive the aspect of Jupiter. The above alignments produce a very auspicious Hanuman Jayanti.

    Special Rituals for Hanuman Jayanti:

    Offering Butter to Lord Hanuman will protect your health.
    Offering Betel leaf Mala will help patch up relationships.