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    PART 2.

    It would seem from the above, that the Vigraha and the Vimana together must have been only ( laughing, Periava says “of portable size!”) as heavy as a strong boy could carry them. It must be so (small in size) because, the kings of the Ikshvaku dynasty were having them in their home for them to perform the pooja. After coming to the banks of Kaveri only, Perumal, must have felt happy at the sight of the big river ----although it cannot be compared to His ‘Ksheera Sagara’------ and so must have assumed a bigger form and so also the Vimana must have become the temple ‘Sannidhi’.

    Finishing his bath quickly, Vibeeshana rushed to the bank; what he saw left him totally disappointed and angry. “‘They should not be kept on the ground’ was the condition, but the ‘boy’ had kept them down on the ground; What would have happened to them?” worried Vibeeshana and tried to take them away from the ground. Try however much he did, the Vigraham couldn’t even be shaken; it had rooted itself deep into the ground!. He got extremely furious with the Brahmachari ‘boy’!

    He approached him with his closed fist, in order to punch him on his head. Vigneshwara started running, and Vibeeshana chased him. After reaching the top of RockFort, Vigneshwara took pity on Vibeeshana and gave Himself up. Bagavan can be ‘caught’ ( by us ) only out of His own will and not by our strength. Bhagavatham says that even Yashodha tried to tie up the mischievous Balakrishnamurthy to the stone grinder, but any amount of rope was not enough; and when she sweated it out and became really tired, Bagavan took pity on her and allowed Himself to be tied to the stone.

    So, Vigneshwara, not only allowed Himself to be caught by Vibeeshana , but showed His head also for him to punch! He who makes all of us to punch the sides of our forehead ( குட்டுப் போட்டுக்கொள்வது), was Himself showing His head for Vibeeshana to punch Him!

    Immediately, He discarded His ‘boy’ disguise and assumed His original form. And with that Dharsan, half of the disappointment and anger went away from Vibeeshana. The remaining half also faded away from him when Vigneshwara told him, “ Do not be perturbed that I stopped you from taking Perumal to Lanka with you. I have kept Him in such a way, that He will bless you in Lanka from here itself. Although installing Perumal looking towards South has never been the custom, I have done it so here.”

    To be continued…….