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    Advocate Shri Venkatasubramanian has not seen Mahaperiyava but have been immensely blessed by Him / being blessed by Him. After reading deivathin kural, his life transformed for the better or the best. He has been following several things mentioned by Him as part of samskaras. His interview was published here in the blog - click here to see.

    Recently, as part of his daughter’s wedding, he conducted a sahasra bhojanam to 1317 vaideekas under one roof. Watch this video to see the magnitude of this event. It is a himalayan task to get five vaideekas together for more than an hour – here he arranged this grand event, did padha puja to them, gave 22 dhanams, dakshinais to them etc… This isn’t backed with any selfish agenda – this dea has been going on his mind for quite some time and it just happened along with this wedding.

    As part of veda rakshana process, he is involved in the following::

    • In Pallavaram, he is offering 10-day free service for public to do any apara karyams – completely free – including vaideeka expenses, food expenses, rent everything free – if you wish to donate, you can donate…..So far, 100s of people are using this facility on a monthly basis.
    • In Thiruvengadu, he runs a veda patashala – he also has a photo exhibition of Periyava there
    • In Kathiramangalam, he has given free lands to lots of agnihotris to form a vedic village…Outside of the agnihotris, rest of the land were sold to brahmins/vaideekas etc.

    These are based on Periyava’s teachings! Recently I conducted a poll asking for impact of this blog on us etc – look at this! The impact of our Periyava’s voice on him is beyond comprehension. We are nothing in front of his bakthi and sincerity in following Periyava’s direction.

    Some person can be affordable and can’t think of punya karyas; some can think right and will be poor; rarely you see someone who is blessed to have both and surely Shri Venkatasubramanian is blessed with both.

    Let us pray that His service to vaideekas continue with fullest blessings from our Gurus.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    Please open the link to view Video