GAyatri which helps us to get released from all types of sinful acts

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It is said that there is no mantram greater than GAyatri which helps us to get released from all types of sinful acts. It is also said that even if one abandons all types of SAdhana, one shall not abandon GAyatri Japam. On the occasion of srAvana krishnapaksha prathamA (the day following rg/yajur UpAkarma), it is mandatory to perform 1008 times GAyatri Japam as aprAyaschitta or palliative for mityAtita prayaschittArtham, doshavatsu apataneeya prAyaschittArtham and samvatsara akarana prAyaschittArtham.

Based on what I have heard, I would like to share some of the the benefits of chanting GAyatri Mantra:-

1.If one chants the GAyatri properly at least 100 times a day, one is said to develop detachment from worldly attachments. If one chants the mantram daily 1000 times continuously for a month, one is said to be cleansed of all sins. If one chants sahasrAvarti ( 1000 times) daily for one year continuously, one begets long life,good health, and bodily strength.

2.If one chants 100 times with water in hand in a pot and if that water is consumed, it removes poison from body and one is also rid of the actions of evil spirits. For getting relief from all kinds of fever, one should chant one hundred times GAyatri Mantram with Vibhuti (sacred ash) in hand or with fingers touching sacred ash and then apply a little bit on the forehead of the sick person and also by dropping a little bit of that sacred ash into the mouth of the person suffering from fever.

3.The benefits mentioned above can be achieved by chanting Gayatri Mantram only if one observes restraint in the matter of eating and observes the AhAra niyamams, maintains internal and external cleanliness and purity and chants with full devotion and faith.

Much more can be stated about this. But suffice to say, one should retain his brAhmanyam by chanting the GAyatri Mantram correctly with prescribed intonations and intervals after initiation through upanayanam.

Remember that and act accordingly.