Aapasthamba Sutra Tharpana vilakkam By Soma deva sarma 1956 edition. The author has given in details all about amavasai tharpanam and mahalaya tharpanam. ON all the 24 hours on all days we should wear 2.25 meters length angavastram. now a days it is impossible for many people so we are wearing 3 poonals

. one for brahmachari and two for grahastha and 3rd is, we are wearing instead of 2 .25 metres angavasthram.The book nirnaya sindhu says If the kartha wants to do mahalayam on his father' s thithi he need not have to see thithi vaaram and nakshatram. To do mahalayam srardham you have to avoid fridays,prathamai ,shasti,ekadasi Birth star of the kartha and kartha's wife and the birth star of kartha's eldest son.

Rohini ,revathy without vyathipatham,and makam without thriodasi.Widows and widowers without son and Bachelors may do on amavasya day the mahalaya srardham. kartha who is having son should not do mahalayam on amavasya day. On chadurdasi day Mahalaya srardham should be done only to those who died in accident on the spot itself, by taking poison,killed by weapons etc; and for his fore fathers you must do mahalayam on another day as their death was normal.

Six sastrigals are required for mahalaya srardham.(1) Viswedevas (2)Pithru pithamahar prapita mahar (3)Mathru pithamahi prapithamahi (4)Mathamahan mathuhpithamahan mathuprapithamahan with their wives (5)Kaarunya pithrus (6) Maha vishnu. Viswedevar and maha vishnu should sit facing east. All others should sit facing north. Samaradhanai samayal; Sastrigals who are in the same kartha's gothram can sit as maha vishnu or as viswedevar.

Required things; Betel leaves;betel nut;sandal paste; ellu (gingilly seed) Raw rice; thulasi;banana fruits ;dharbai; aasana palagai or thadukku; Dhakshinai;Brass plate (Thambaalam) panchathra uthurini;Brass sombu with water. Use plenty of water for tharpanam; 3 liters for one amavasai tharpanam.

Mahalaya Tharpanam (1)Kartha's Pitha=appa--- gothran ----- sharmanaha vasu roopan pithrun swadha namas tharpayami.( 3 all).. grand father=pithamahar ----- gothran----- sarmanaha rudra rupan pitha mahan swadha namas tharpayami . Appavin thatha= prapitha mahar --------gothran--------sharmanaha adithya rupan swadha namas tharpayami-

(2), Kartha who is having no mother matha=mother-----gothraha-----name thaha vasu rupaha mathru swadha namas tharpayami. Appavin amma=pithamahi ------gothraha---------name--thaha rudra roopaha pithamahi swada namas tharpayami Appavin patti=prapithamahi-----gothraha-name---adithya ropaha prapitha mahi swadha namas tharpayami

(2A) If the karthas mother is living kartha should do like this; Appavin mother=pithamahi-----gothraha-----name--thaha vasu rupaha pitha mahi swadha namas tharpayami Appavin patti=-----gothraha------name thaha rudra rupaha pithuh pithamahi swada namas tharpayami Thathavin patti=pithuhu prapitha mahi----gothran----name---thaha adithya rupaha pithuprapitha mahi swada namas tharpayami

(3) ( Kartha's father's second wife if any) ------- Gothraha -------name thaha vasu rupaha sapathni mathrus swada namas tharpayami.

(4) Kartha's mother's father =mathamahan -----gothran-----sarmanaha vasu rupan matha mahan swada namas tharpayami mother's grand father=mathuh pithamahan-------gothran-----sharmanaha rudra rupan mathuh pithamahan swada namas tharpayami Thathavin thatha=mathuhu prapithamahan-----gothran ----sarmanaha adhithyan rupan mathuhu prapithamahan swada namas tharpayami

(5) karthavin mother's mother=patti=-------gothraha------name thaha vasu rupaha matha mahi swada namas tharpayami kartha's mother's patti=------gothraha----name thaha rudra rupaha mathuhu pithamahi swadah namas tharpayami Pattiyin patti=mathuhu prapitha mahi---gothraha----name thaha aditya rupahamathuhu prapitha mahi swadah namas tharpayami

(6) kartha's father's elder /younger brother=chithappa/ periappa -----gothran -------sarmanaha vasu rupan swadah namas tharpayami

(7) kartha's younger/elder brothers --------gothran -----sarmanaha vasu rupan braathrun swadah namas tharpayami

(8) kartha's son -------gothran--------sarmanaha vasu rupan puthran swadah namas tharpayami

(9)Kartha's father,'s sister younger/elder= athai -------gothraha-------name thaha vasurupaha pithru bagini swadah namas tharpayami

(10)Kartha's mother's brothers younger/elder------gothran----- sarmanaha vasurupan mathulan swadah namas tharpayami

(11) Kartha's mother's sisters elder/younger -------gothraha------name thaha vasu rupan mathru bagini swadah namas tharpayami

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(12) Kartha's son in law -------gothran--------sarmanaha vasu rupan jamatha swadah namas tharpayami

(13) Kartha's sister-elder/younger=sahodhari ---------gothraha -----name thaha vasurupaha bagini swadah namas tharpayami

(14) Kartha's daughter --------gothraha -----name thaha vasu rupaha puthri swadah namas tharpayami.

(15) Kartha's wife--------gothraha -----name thaha vasurupaha pathni swadah namas tharpayami

(16) Kartha's father in law =maamanaar -------gothran-------sarmanaha vasurupan swasroon swadah namas tharpayami

(17) kartha's sister's husband =athimber ------gothran --------sharmanaha vasurupan paavukaan swadah namas tharpayami

(18) Kartha's daughter in law=maatrupen= marumagal ======gothraha----name thaha vasurupaha snusha swadah namas tharpayami

(19) Kartha's wife's brother younger/elder ------gothran-------sarmanah vasurupan syalakan swadah namas tharpayami

(20) brahmaopadesam seida Guru------gothran ----sarmanaha vasurupan gurun swadah namas tharpayami

(21) aachaaryan= teacher who teached vedam ------gothran--------sarmanaha vasu rupan aachaaryan swadah namas tharpayami

(22) swami=the person who is giving salary every month if he is a brahmin, kartha may do ------gothran----sarmanaha vasurupan swaminaha swadah namas tharpayami

(23) kartha's close friends -----gothran----sarmanaha--vasurupan sakeen swadah namas tharpayami.

srardha kandam 2nd part page no 256 tells us to do mahalaya tharpanam in the same order serial no.wise. Others are not kaarunya pithrukkal. (to be continued)

SANGALPAM; achamanam; suklambaratharam----santhaye; pranayama; mamopatha---upaya vamsa pithrunam
thaththat gothranam thaththath sharmanam vasuvasu swarupanam pithruvya mathulathi vargadwaya avasishtanam sarvesham kaarunuka pithrunamcha akshya thrupthiyartham kanyagathe savithari aashadyathi panchama parapaksha punyakaaley sakaaruneeka varghadwaya pithrunudhishya adhya prapruthi aagaami prathipath paryantham anudhinam karthavya mahalaya srardham thila tharpana roopena adhya karishyei.

There is no necessity that you have to done like this every year; if you do like this daily this year. It will take only 30 minutes to do this. From next year you may or may not do like this.

On any one day bhojanam for at least 2 sastrigals after this tharpanam must be done.

dobut putting on sacred marks.

A person after wearing his clothes , and washing his legs, do aachamanam, should put on sacred marks on his body , He may wear triple marks on his forehead with sacred ashes, sandal paste, or white holy earth according to his family tradition.

He must put on these sacred marks before he is engaged in any religious or auspicious act. Gopi chandhana dhaarana vidhi is there in vaasudevopanishad. gopichandana paapagna vishnu deha samudhbhava chakrankitha namasthubhyam dhaaranaan mukthiko bhava do praarthana like this . then take a small quantity of water with chanting imamme and gange manthras and by chanting vishnornukam mantra make gopi chandhanam paste by rotating gopi chandanam in the left hand palm water by the right hand gopi chandanam.

Take this paste chanting the rukku atho deva avanthuthaha then chant visnu gayathri 3 times then with your ring finger put on sacred marks by chanting kesavadhi naamaas in forehead, chest, stomach. neck. right and left upper hand, right and left neck, and in low back etc,then in head.

Vishnu smruthi says you must wear sacred marks triple marks with holy earth while doing yagyam,dhaanam, japam, homam,vedhas chanting and pithru tharpanam,
Kaalaagni rudhropanishad says how to wear sacred marks with sacred ashes. place the sacred ashes in your left palm by chanting sathyojaadham,and other five manthras then chant agnirithi manthram maanasthoke manthram mix with water then apply tnis in your head, forehead, chest ,upper hand by chanting thrayambagam an d thryaarusham manthras.

Rishi kaathyayanar says during japam, homam, yagyam,vaishvadevam, deva pooja, sradham one must wear vibhudhi mixed with water make it as a paste and place it in the forehead etc; donot use umi ashes or stone powder as sacred marks in your forehead. you may use turmeric kumkumam in your forehead.

vyasar says without sacred marks in your forehead you should not do any karmas. It becomes waste if you do other karmas and dhaanams without performing sandhyavandhanam.

During pollution (theetu) birth or death theetu For brahmins during sandhya times no pollution; you must do sandhya vandhanam. pollution starts again after finishing sandhyavandanam. also during agnihothram time there is no pollution for brahmins. Rishi pulasthiar says do sandhya vandhanam and gayathri japam during birth and death pollution time. don't chant manthras. think the manthras in your mind. do pranayamam without manthras.

vyasar says while giving argyam chant manthras. then do pradhakshinam and do kesavadhi tharpanam. do not chant gayathri manthram think the manthras in your mind for ten times during pollution times.

Even if the dead body is there in the house you must do sandhya vandhanam and gayathri japam in a distant place for example in the next house road place. you may wear vibudhi in your fore head without mixing with water as sacred ashes for the 12 days.

Taken from samkshaba dharma sastram book written by venkata ram a sastrigal and published by heritage india educational trust sanskrit college road mylapore chennai as per the request of maha periaval chandra sekarendhra saraswathi swamigal in the year 1988; page no 131 and 231.

smiriti karthas are as follows; manu;brahaspathy;dhakshan;gowthamar; yaman; angiras;yaagyawalkiyar; prachethas; sadhathapar; parasarar;samvarthar; sukrar;sankar;vihithar; athri;vishnu;aapasthambar; haaridhar. these maharishis are smirithi karthas.;

18 soothra kaarargal; Poorva soothram are nine as follows; aapasthambam; bodhayanam;sathyashaadam;thraahyaayanam;agasthyam; sagalyam;aashvalaayanam; saambaveeyam and kaathyaayanam.

Apara soothram are nine as follows vaikaanasam;sownakeeyam; bharadhwajam; aagnivesyam;jaimaneeyam; maadhunyam;maadhyanthinam;koundinyam and kousheedhakam.

All the karmas are to be done according to their soothras.If it is not available in their soothram and available in other soothram you are permitted to do that from other soothram provided it is not contrary to your soothram. vradhamnu says you can do as per bodhaayana soothram if you are not able to follow your soothram.

some rishi says you can place vibudhi and some rishi says you should not wear vibhudhi during sratham. so people says as per your kulaachaaram as per the same way your fore fathers had done you can do.

During solar or lunar eclipse pollution is not there. you must do tharpanam and manthra japam. after eclipse is over pollution starts again.

On sradha day take bath in the morning apply vibhudhi in your fore head and do sandhya vandhanam and gayathri japam . and after giving oil to sastrigal you have to take bath again and then only you must start sratham. at that time you should or should not wear vibhudhi . as per the way your fore fathers adopted. If you want you may study your soothram and follow the soothram way.

After tharpanam is over you both can have your mark on your forehead. then do brahmayagyam. Then you can chant bagwan nama on way to work.On tharpanam day your wife can have her mark on the usual.. Your wife need not wait for the tharpanam. As your wife is preparing sratha samayal only on sratha day your wife can have her marks after pinda prathanam.

In samksepa dharma sastram in sratha praharanam chapter chapter 31 page 343 Manu says: after 12 naaligai=10-48 AM give oil and churnam to sastrigals and after their snaanam kartha must take bath. for the second time on pithru sratha day. Kartha must finish madhyanikam by 10-30. AM.

:"suchir vaapi asuchir vapi kaalae sandhyam kuryath"= sudhano asudhano kaalathil sandhi sai;" kaanaamal konamal kandu kodu"=beforesunrise; at noon and before sunset give argyam to sun in sandhya vandhanam. Time is important here. you need not take bath thrice daily for doing sandhya vandhanam. For amavasya tharpanam Ramakrishna math publication book says you have to take bath for second time to do amavasya tharpanam.

after tharpanam is over you can do all poojas and vrathams as you like. you have to give first preference to mahalaya can celebrate pradosham, sankatahara chaturthy; sathya narayana pooja etc; as usual.

In amavasai tharpanam you are doing for your pithru vargam= father, granfather, father's grandfather. Then their wife's=mother, father's mother and father's grand mother. Then you have to do tharpanam for your Mathru vargam: mother's father, grandfather, mother's father's grand father and then to mother's mother, mother's grandmother and mother,s grand grand mother by chanting your mother,s father gothram.

During mahalaya tharpanam in addition to these you have to do tharpanam for kaarunya pithrukkal also.

Who are kaarunya pithrukkal= Your father's second wife if any,For your father's younger or elder brothers, your own brothers elder or younger, your own sister's younger or elder, for your father's sisters', for your son in law and daughter in law, your daughter, wife, your friends.

you can do tharpanam for those who have expired in the above kaarunya pithrukkal list only during this mahalaya paksham period. By chanting their gothram and name. If it is not known you have to say that that gothram that that name vasu vasu swaroopan in pthru and mathru vargam to all kaaruneeka pithrus i am doing tharpanam. say 3 times.

Retired persons can do this tharpanam daily for thses 16 days. But for office goers they can do only on one day within these period this tharpanam along with 6 sastrigals with manthraas.

(1) one sastrigal or pandit for the aavaahanam of visweadevar, (2). father , granfather, father's grandfather. (3 )mother.father's mother and father's grand mother. (4) Mother's father, grand father, grand grand father withn their wives (5) for all kaarunya pithrukkal (6) Maha vishnu.

You have to inform these 6 sastrigals well in advance to come to your house on one particular day. For instance you may request them to come on your father' s or mother's death thithi . Which must come in these fifiteen days . or any other day such as bharani star day, astami day dwadasi day .

If you ask them to come on your father's thithi day no problem. you should not do mahalaya sratham on those days in which the birth star of youeself, your wife's and your sons's comes on these 15 days. on other day,s please see the panchangam star's and thithi and fix one day . call them give them gingilly oil and soap nut powder and request them to take oil bath in your house in hot water.

You may provide them 6 9x5 cotton dhoties. and feed them with samaaraadhanai samayal . and give them dakshinai.

Now a days sastrigals are not available. so some. of the people are doing one day sratham with 2 or 3 sastrigals without dhoties and with meals.and dakshinai. Most of the people are giving them raw rice and plantain kaai and dakshinai after duly aavaahanam as (1) for pithru and mathru vargam and kaarunya pithrus and (2) maha vishnu and viswedevar.

For those who are doing 16 day's daily Mahalaya tharpanam they must on one day feed the sastrigals with dakshina. ON amavasya day they have to do first amavasya tharpanam and then they have to do mahalaya tharpanam.

On 14th day= chathurdasi day you have to do sratham for those who met their death by accident, murdered, or killed by animals or death by suicide or by consuming poison. For normal death persons you should not do mahalaya sratham on chathurdasi day.

On deepaavali day if amavaasai comes on the same day you must take oil bath at 4 A.M. ,wear new clothes and do sandhya and gaayathri japam after putting sacret marks on forehead. After 10 A.M. take bath and do amavasai tharpanam and in the evening or at night you can take deepaavali sweets and savoury, Purchased sweets and savoury for deepaavali can be taken on the next day evening.