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Thread: Pilgrimage to Sabarimala

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    Smile Pilgrimage to Sabarimala

    Pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

    When the call comes from the Lord, everything happens fast. This is about our Pilgrimage to Sabarimala the abode of Dharshan of Lord Sri Ayyappa four year ago. It all happened so quickly I could not believe how I made it. It all started when my brother-in-law informed that he would be going to the Holy Sabarimala during the monthly opening of the Temple during this Malayalam month of "Kumbam", with the group of devotees who go with him regularly. He was visiting the Temple for the past 26 years. My eight year old grand daughter who was regularly watching a serial on the Lord Ayyappa in TV , wanted to have the Dharshan of the Lord in Sabarimalai. Child's words are God's command. Then my son agreed to take her along with the group. This rekindled my desire to visit the Temple for the third time. But at that time I was 77 and have high BP. This made me apprehensive whether I would be able to climb the hills with out problem. My Doctor gave the clearance and other members of the family encouraged me to take the pilgrimage.

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    We got Rail reservations too without much difficulty. My grand daughter, son and I joined the group at Chennai for the Pooja and "irumudi" before starting. My younger brother also joined us at Chennai. We proceeded to Chengannur, the nearest rail head for Sabarimala by train and reached the place early next morning. After refreshing ourselves and bath we traveled by the Van prearranged to take us to Pampa at the base of the Holy Hills.

    We started the climb at about 10.00AM. The distance from Pampa to the Holy Shrine at the top of Sabarimala is only 4.5 KMS. But it is 60 degree steep climb for about 2.5 KMS. with continuous stone steps and concrete path. The hot sun has heated up the stone steps and concrete path and made difficult for walking bare foot. The progress was slow and after some distance I started feeling the effects of my age and the heat. In spite of the best help from my son and my brother I could not climb the steps continuously. I took rest frequently and proceeded slowly at my own speed. But my only concern was that because of me my grand daughter, son and brother were getting delayed and may not be able to reach the Holy Shrine before it closes at 1.00 PM after the mid day Pooja.

    But the intentions of the Lord were different. At about 12.45 noon, when we were just half a kilometer from the Holy Abode of Sri Ayyappa, we got a phone call from my brother in law, that the Temple will be closed at 2.00PM only on that day due to an elaborate Sahsra Kalasabhishekam, that was being performed to the Lord. You can understand my joy which brought tears in my eyes. Even in this age of Kali, miracles do happen, no doubt.

    We reached the Holy Abode of Lord Dharma Sastha , and climbed the Eighteen Golden Steps with "Irumudi" and had the Dharshan of Lord Ayyappan at the "karpoora harathi" time. Perhaps I was the only person who could observe the whimsical smile on the beautiful face of Harihara Puthran, in the diffused light of surrounding lamps.

    We enjoyed the Dharshan of the Lord in the evening also. Next day early morning we witnessed the "Abhishekam" to the Lord arranged by our group and took his blessings before we left for Pampa on our way back home.

    How true are the words of Sri Madhusudana Saraswthi who wrote the Dhyana Slokas for Bhagavad Gita, who said:

    "Mookam Karoti Vachalam, Pangum Langhayate Girim"
    "His grace makes the dumb eloquent, and the cripple cross mountains."

    Swamiye Charanam Ayyappa....


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