Sri Vasu Vadhyar swamin,
adiyen searched the archives before this request.
adiyen's prathama brother-in-law passed away (reached the Acharyan's Thiruvadi).
He married to my my eldest sister, who had passed away earlier. My
brother-in-law is also my
amman sey (maternal uncle's son).� Sometimes ago swamin responded to a query
with the response that there is no theetu in this case.
(reference archive msg 3229 dated Monday, 7th Jan 2008). Because he was the son
of maternal uncle, is asaucham for 1.5 days?� When my sister passed away, we
did not observe festivals, Kolu and pandigais (srijayanti, naraka chaturthasai
etc) for one year until varushaptigam concluded. In the same way, this time also
should we conduct ourselves (not observing festivals/pandigais) until
varushaptigam complete?

adiyen seeks clarification from swamin.
vachika doshaha kshantavyaha

1.5 day Asaucham for Amman's son is correct.

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There is no meaning of keeping one year ban for pandigais for the death of a
sister or sister's family persons.

My logical argument is : there is no necessary to ban for even one's own parents
death, because we (vaishnavites) are celebrating the "Subha sweekaram" on the
13th day, and believing that is not a death, leaving the prAkruta sariram and
reaching Paramapadam.
If it is not a death, why we have to follow the procedures of followups of a
death which are not in sastras.
(We are telling that, Masikams and chradhams are done due to respect the

We should respect our statements, otherwise those statements may be treated as
soothing words to convince persons who are in sad at a death.