Small Choices, Big Outcomes

"Greatness is built upon our seemingly insignificant daily choices"
Says Sara Yoheved Rigler a Jewish Author who had spent 15 years living in an Ashram in India. The following piece is taken from her writings "Small Choices, Big Outcomes":

"According to Judaism, God controls everything in the universe except our moral choices. “Free will” refers to that area beyond heredity and environment where you can go either way. Whenever you feel an inner push-pull (“I really should pick up that litter, but I don’t want to get my hands dirty.”), you are in the realm of your own free choice, known as your Choice Box.

Everyone has an individual Choice Box. Some people would not anguish over whether or not to lend $500 to an out-of-work friend. If you would never consider doing it, it’s above your Choice Box. If you would do it as a matter of course, with no hesitation, it’s below your Choice Box. If you would struggle with, “He really needs the money to pay his rent, but chances are he won’t be able to pay me back, and there goes my pool membership for the next season,” then you are within your Choice Box."

Wonderful message indeed.