I would like to deal with a golden subject self analysis. It is self scrutiny thru self introspection. Very few check up daily thoughts, words and actions. We do not sum up including myself at night what we have done in the day and in the morning what we have to do. No one keeps watch including myself over tho
thoughts,words and actions. We are not vigilant nor alert nor diligent. It is a requisite to do self examination daily;it is like stock-taking, it is indispensable. By doing so we can remove our defects and can grow rapidly in spirituality. We do not jot down our defects through daily introspection and self analysis.
Once we know what our defects are, we should be able to eradicate them gradually. First of all
we should destroy our pride, hypocrisy, lust and anger that surface on the mind and be able
to remove these if they are still lurking in our mind. Then only we are perfectly safe. The best
tonic that I have found to remove these passions is reading Vishnu Sahasranamam daily; we
would feel the change in our perception; and we would see the subtle impressions which attack our mind are on the wane. They would not manifest even under extreme provocation. That would mean we
are practising self analysis daily which requires patience, perseverance, tenacity and application.
I do self introspection every day though I must confess that still I have not attained hundred percent
success. There are slip- ups, distraction and lack of determination at times. I am trying to practise
hard by applying my full mind,heart and soul to achieve rapid success and preach my family
members to toe my line of action notwithstanding their multitudinal professional and domestic
demands. I am noting down how many good actions I have done, what mistakes I have
committed during the course of the day and next morning I take a resolve that I would not yield
to anger today and would speak only truth. I would expect my family members to similarly do
so but I am not positive as to their commitment.


last edited by me 2/9/2012