A lesson from Bhagavad Gita

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When we you go to a market and buy some fruits, it might be dirty, covered with dust and mud. It may be lying out in the open. But we take the same fruits and wash them and then offer them in a temple or place them in an altar. When the priest gives it to us after offering to the Lord, the same fruits are accepted by us as Prashad. So what was just an ordinary fruit becomes sacred just by offering it to God. Similarly all our actions will become noble when we offer it to God.

Whenever we do anything, if we feel that we are offering it to God then our actions will not be selfish in nature. Even if we are performing the simplest of jobs, we should do it with full concentration and happiness. We all know that we are here to earn a living. We do not have an option to just leave the job and do nothing. When we know that the work is inevitable, why should we complain and do the work? When we have such a negative attitude then the work will not give any happiness while performing it. If we expect that when we do the work, somebody is going to praise us and after that nobody says anything, then it causes disappointment and hatred. We become unhappy after doing the work also. So when we perform any action, in expectation of a result, then there is only agony while performing the action, because we are always worried about the result. Later when we do not get the expected result, once more there is agony and dissatisfaction. We should hence understand that happiness should be in performance of the action itself.

When a mother takes care of her child, she does not consider it as work. When we do something which is a hobby, even though it might involve lot of efforts, we do not consider it as work and we enjoy doing it. Similarly, we should enjoy each and every action that we do and perform it as an offering to God. When we perform actions without any self interest then it become yoga and what was work, becomes worship.

This, I consider, is one of the most important messages of the Bhagavad Gita.