Gita on Charity

The Gita has given a true, precise definition of daan or gift. First, it should be given to a person who deserves it. The recipient need not be one who has the capacity to return such a gift, in which case an element of expected reciprocity creeps into the act of giving.

Second, it should be given when the person really needs it -- for a gift given when the need for it has passed is not of much use to the recipient.

Third, give at the right place. Perhaps, Krishna had in mind the need for giving to charity, either secretly or without too much publicity, or maybe he had in mind institutional giving.
Fourth, the gift would be more of an obligation to the giver, in the belief that it is part of one’s duty to give. There ought not to be any element of expectation linked to the gift -- neither to gain the respect, love or affection of the recipient, nor of any material gain.

Only if a gift fulfils all these conditions does it deserve to be called saatvik, true and good