Dear All Moderators and Members,
My Greetings to you all!
As our Main and important yearly Festival Deepavali is nearing, I thought it will be useful
for members to have a separate forum to Greet one another.

Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
JaiHind! Feel free to post whatever you think useful, legal or humer! Click here to Invite Friends

Post all your seasonal greetings in this forum.

Also, members can use this forum to post your family function invitations like
Abadapoorthi, Aksharabhyasam, Upanayanam, Seemantam, Grihapravesam, Vivaham (marriage),
Shastiabdapoorthi, Sathabhishegam etc.
It will be very easier for you to share this link in your facebook and or google+ and all other social media
by using the share buttons given every where in this forum.

Next I have posted a Grihapravesam Invitation of us, you can use that as an example.

Best wishes,