Request NVS Sir to confirm the time of Brahma Muhurtha

Calculation of Brahma Muhurtam:

Brahma Muhurat starts 96 minutes before Sunrise. It lasts for about 48 minutes and ends 48 minutes before Sunrise.

1 Muhurta = 48 minutes

1 day = 30 Muhurtas

(Brahma Muhurta is the 2nd last Muhurta before Sun-rise i.e., 1 hr 36 min before Dawn)

Origin of Brahma Muhurat or Brahmee Muhurtham:

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Sage Kashyap married to Vinata and Kadru. Brahma granted a boon to Kadru to have 1000 serpent sons; Vinata was also granted a boon to have two powerful sons. Kadru and Vinata gave birth to 1000 eggs and Two eggs respectively. Both the mothers kept their eggs in separate pots so that they could hatch. After 500 years, Kadru's pot broke up and she had her 1000 sons. Vinata couldn't wait to see her sons, she had prematurely hatched one of the eggs. A half developed child emerged from the egg and he was named Aruna.

Aruna was born without thighs. His other names are Anooru- One who has no thighs, Vipada- One who has no feet.

The intensity of Sun was burning everything into ashes. Then Brahma ordered Aruna to stand as a Charioteer of Surya Bhagavan(Sun God). When Aruna stood in front of Sun, the intensity reduced to a great extent. From that day, Aruna took charge as a
Charioteer of the Sun. Brahma was pleased with the services of Aruna to all living beings. He was granted a boon. The boon is "Whatever the duration of Aruna's stay on Earth will be hereafter known as Brahma Muhurtam and such Muhurtam will not have evil influence of Planets, Stars, Thithi etc." Brahma Muhurtam is ever auspicious.

A huge pillar like Dwajastambha can be seen in Sun Temples. The pillar is referred as Aruna stambha or Aruna pillar as a mark of respect for the Charioteer of Sun.