Last year in 2011 August when I shifted my residence
I have purchased a reliance data card.
The representative promised me "There will be no usage charges for three months"
Total Rs.2500/- only you have to pay.
There after the charges will be depend upon the usage, will be about Rs.450/- only per month.

But all the promise are false,
I can not find him (the representative) again over phone or in person.

There is no stable connection found with that card.
But Reliance is charging nearly Rs.1000/- per month even there is no data transfer using that data card.

We have announced them to disconnect the connection and we do not want it any more.
They have accepted it by receiving some payment from us as balance above Rs.2500/- for three months usage.

Now they are sending a threatening layer notice that we have to pay some 1600 something to settle the bill?!

What are the terms we signed?
How to prove that we have disconnected.
We have only one source that there is no data transfer done using that data card.
But how can we prove that we have not used it?
Big companies are playing like this.
Please be care.

Some easy terms and conditions forms should be introduced.
A general terms and condition mutually signed with minimum guaranty to be introduced.

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