Respected Bhagavathas,

Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha

Adiyen VRA Ramesh Baabu dasan,


I am working in Dubai for the last 3 years. I have not performed my parent's ceremony as would have been
performed in chennai. But I have done tharpanam in dubai on ceremony days.

I need your guidence, whether the ceremony will be performed in any particular day other than the ceremony days or any other means to perform without my presence.

Myself going to chennai on 04.06.09 and returning on 03.07.09 to dubai.

I request your guidance to for performing the ceremony any day  during my above said vacation (from 05.06.09 to 02.07.09).

I would request respected Bhagavathls to guide me in this subject.

Adiyan Vra Ramesh Baabu

Dear Sri Ramesh Babu :
Please join Vaideekam Yahoo groups moderated by
Bruhaspathy NVS Swamy of Chennai . Please send email
to him thru the group mail or private mail and he will
help you with the right way to handle this situation during
your visit to India .
Best wishes ,

Tarpanams are to be done on the prescriebed punya kaala dates.
Shastra is very very keen about the time of doing the shraaddha and hence the
defining of Shraaddha thithi is very difficult.
The shraaddha thithi is shifted to next day if the next day is having few more seconds thithi duration
is present in the next day's shraaddha (kutapa) kaalam.

As the fact and importance is like this we can not just like that postpone are prepone the shraaddha date
for our convenience.

Shastram instructs, one can even cry and leave two hand full of water with some sesame seeds in the ground to express his inability for not able to do the shraaddham of his parents. Not suggesting some other day for any reason, except theetu!