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    Default ACHAMANAM


    • Achamanam is a purificatory process (both internal and external). Hence it is performed in all vedic rites both in the beginning and at the end.
    • Extract from Bhavan's journal (Oct 1971)
      Achamanam, that is the sipping of water with Mantras (one sipping for each mantra) will remove all the ills of the body and mind. This is called "Nama thrayi vidya" or the worship with the three names, which will cure all diseases - physical and mental. There is a well known sloka to the effect that the medicine constituting the repetition of the three names of the Lord "Achuta", "Ananta" and "Govinda" will cure all diseases.
    • In Kukustana, we apply pressure on the toes of our body. This helps in healthy functioning of pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands (glands responsible for good health) and the rhythm of the heart.
    • Achamanam is believed to energize our body and help in maintaining good health.
    • According to the systems of natural therapy, our body is composed of five elements - namely fire, air, space or ether, earth and water. Their balance in our body is linked to the flow of bio-electricity in our body (for good health). The tips of fingers are also terminal points for Bio-electricity. Contacts with fingers help in the balance of basic elements or Bio-electricty in our body as
      • Thumb - Fire or Sun
      • Index Finger - Wind or Air
      • Middle finger - Sky or space or ether
      • Ring finger - Earth
      • Little finger - Water

    • The 12 names of the Lord used in Achamaneeyam are the same ones used , when we adorn the 12 Urdhva PuNDrams on the different parts of the body and are invoked to stay at different locations on the upper torso tod provide protection. The color of these 12 Moorthys , their favorite weapons and their locations have been described by Swamy Desikan in the Prabhandham named Panniru ThirunAmam.


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