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Sri,Varadarajan Sir

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Advance Birthday Greetings to you; May God bless you long healthy, happy, and Peaceful Life.
When 69 years over and 70th year commences (Janma Nakshathra day) Bhima Ratha Santhi is done.

70th birthday is celebrated as "Bhima ratha shanti". Rituals similar to 60th birthday are conducted (including joyous activities like tying another mangala sutra).
70th Birthday Bheema-ratha-Saanthi .. is celebrated by the Children and Grand-Children as the celebration of his successful achievement of the relevant stage-duties... alongside an opportunity to pay their gratitude to the Head of the Family... as also celebrate the Grand-parents Marriage.
This is the day the Grand-parents seriously start praying for the fulfilment of Family-ambitions on Earth mostly for the sake of Children and Grand-children to get fulfilled within their Life-time.

These shanthis are prescribed for one to ward off illness and become strong and healthy at the old age. The shanties bring equilibrium and strength to their physical bodies and minds, so that they may be able to concentrate on meditation, turn towards godliness and attain esoteric consciousness.

One more information that every one of may be well aware of. When Sashtiabdha poorthi, Bheema Ratha Shanthi and Satabhisheka functions are done, Sri Rudra Ekadasani also is usually done as a part of the function. Sri Rudra Ekadasani is a prayaschitha karma and it is advisable to carry it out in a appropriate manner. It will do good to the entire family in addition to the individual for whom the shanti karma is intended.


It is only after 70 years that the mental faculties and Atmic strength express themselves in full measure. Prior to that, they also behave like other human beings. They will not specially strive to set an example to others. The mental faculties, divine force and the will power in a person will manifest fully after 70 years and prompt him to set a new goal in life. As a result, such elderly persons will be contemplating upon and exploring the secrets of life. The divine force latent in these elderly persons is beyond the reach of the youth. It manifests in ever-so-many ways in their actions.(Sathya Sai Baba)