Bhagvad Gita is a very deep document. It mainly deals with status
of human beings primarily in its prime pure state i.e. atman soul,
the spirit within. As soul atman does not have gender properties...
in Bhagavad Gita whatever has been taught and referred... equally
applies to both the sexes.

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In Hinduism, there is a very interesting paradox that happened
during the times of Meera Bai, the famous devotee of Lord Krishna.
During the times of Meera Bai ladies were not permitted to enter
the precincts of temples. Nor were they permitted to read Vedas
and other scriptural texts. It was normally presumed that ladies
were meant for household work alone.

Once Meera Bai sent a slip to the Pujari (priest) of the temple
that she wanted to come to the temple and pray to lord Krishna. The
priest got infuriated and rejected the demand of Meera Bai. He also
stated that only men were permitted to worship in the temple.

After knowing the views of the priest, Meera Bai sent a return slip
to the priest. Sooner the priest got the slip... he ran towards
the abode of Meera Bai and fell upon her feet. He prayed for
forgiveness for act committed unknowingly and out of ignorance.

What was written in the slip that totally changed the thinking of
the priest! Meera Bai had just written that there is only one Karta
(doer) in this world... God, the Almighty... rest all are ladies!

Bhagavad Gita gives exactly the same respect and value to women as
men. Glory be to god almighty... all are born equal!

Source:Vijay Kumar