Maha Periyavar was camping in Pandaripuram in the year 1981. When people were having his darshan in a line, in the midst of the crowd, a Seit from North India brought and kept a tin of ghee before Maha PeriyavaaL.

As he saw that, the Mahaan said, "One rupee... one rupee...". No one there had any idea of why he said that. Thinking that the sage was really asking for a rupee of money, people started taking an one rupee coin to keep it handy.

The Mahaan told his MaTham assistant nearby: "I had asked that Seit to procure ghee for only one rupee. Ask him why he has brought a tin of it!"

People around were surprised looking a this. They blinked, 'When would Periyavaa have asked this Seit to procure ghee?'

The Seit who understood it spoke in a leisurely way: "Somebody kidnapped my daughter. Swamiji came in my dream and said, 'Procure ghee for a rupee and come to Pandaripuram. Your daughter will return home untainted.' As told by him, the next day my daughter returned home safely. That is why, instead of the one-rupee-ghee I have brought a tin of it."

This made everyone there surprised and happy that the Mahaan had made them realize that it was true that he appeared in the dream of the Seit and spoke those words.

That Mahaan who is omnipotent, gets to know everything and extends his graceful assistance to the needy then and there.

Source: Sakthi Vikatan issue dated Sep 14, 2004
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