The incident that Karuppatthur Chandrasekhara gaNapAThigaL narrates about the lofty state of that mighty God who gives his anugraha to the world, would make us go into ecstastic shiver.

The gaNapAThigaL went to attend a satas (assembly) that was held in the presence of the Mahaan when he was camping in KaLahasti. Having had darshan of the Mahaan, the gaNapAThigaL was going round the MaTham premises.

The dim light of the oil lamps burning here and there. Suddenly a noise of someone clapping his hands. The gaNapAThigaL turned and looked in the direction he heard the noise from. In the inky darkness, nothing was visible to his eyes, so he continued walking.

Again the clap of hands! When the gaNapAThigaL walked in the direction of the noise, he saw the Mahaan sitting hidden by a pillar.

"Come here!", he called the gaNapAThigaL. The saMbhASaNaM (dialogue) that ensued between them is given here.

Mahaan: Some people will not feel anything when they are struck or pinched in some parts of their body. They say that those parts have gone numb. You have heard of such a thing?

gaNapAThigaL: I have heard of it. What Periyavaa said is vAstavam (truth).

Mahaan: For some people, sometimes their tongue won't feel the taste. And some would have lost their power of hearing, either in birth or in the course of time.

gaNapAThigaL: Heard of it.

Mahaan: For some, when they have cold, their noses would not smell; they will be alright when the cold is gone.

gaNapAThigaL: Yes, I have noticed it.

Mahaan: Have you noticed me frequently? If you have done it, you would understood one thing well. People who come to see me, make me wear a variety of garlands. Have you seen my taking some fragrant flowers from those garlands and smell them?

gaNapAThigaL: I have seen it that way oftentimes.

Mahaan: But then the reality is that no smell is felt by me. This state continues for nearly forty years now. Alright, if at least a foul smell is felt by me, no, I have sort of tested it. I have not yet encountered an atmosphere that would make me hold my nose. If this is the case with me, those who come to have darshan of me have a different state. They would hold their noses with their hands and cloths and suffocate... seen it? (a loud laughter). Thus, no foul smell is also not known by me! I am one who is beyond all these things.

Hearing Maha SwamigaL thus speak explicitly, the gaNapAThigaL stood amazed. Since then, Karuppatthur Chandrasekhara gaNapAThigaL keeps telling, his heart melting, about the grace of that great God in whom are immersed all the pleasures of the world, but who shows up himself as a simple man beyond the world, doing his anugraham to everyone.

Source: Sakthi Vikatan issue dated Sep 14, 2004

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