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Thread: The Hindu View of Life

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    Smile The Hindu View of Life

    Dr. S. Radhakrishnan in his famous Upton Lectures in Oxford University delivered in 1926 delves in depth on the subject of assimilation of manifold variety of faith prevailing in the sub continent says:

    "The Vedic Culture which resembles that of the Homeric Greeks or Celtic Irish at the beginning of the Christian era, or that of the pre-Christian Teutons and Slavs, becomes transformed in the Epics into the Hindu culture through the influence of the Dravidians. The Aryan idea of worship during the earliest period was to call on the Father Sky or some other shining one to look from on high on the sacrificer, and receive from him the offerings of fat or flesh, cakes and drink. But soon puja or worship takes the place of homa or sacrifice. Image worship which was a striking feature of the Dravidian faith was accepted by the Aryans. The ideals of vegetarianism and non-violence (ahimsa) also developed. The Vedic tradition was dominated by the Agamik, and today the Hindu culture shows the influence of Agamas, as much as that of the Vedas. The Aryan and the Dravidian do not exist side by side in Hinduism, but are worked-up into a distinctive cultural pattern which is more an emergent than a resultant. The history of the Hindu religious development shows occasionally the friction between the two strains of the Vedas and the Agamas though they are sufficiently hormonised. When conceived in a large historical spirit, Hinduism becomes a slow growth across the centuries incorporating all the good and true things, as well as much that is evil and erroneous, though a constant endeavour, which is not always successful, is kept up to through out unsatisfactory elements. Hinduism has the large comprehensive unity of a living organism with a fixed orientation. The Upanisad asks us to remember the Real who is one, who is indistinguishable through class or colour, and who by his varied forces provides as is necessary for the needs of each class and of all.

    When once the cults are taken into Hinduism, alterations sets in as the results of the influence of the higher thought. The Hindu method of religious reform is essentially democratic. It allows each group to get to the truth through its own tradition by means of discipline of mind and morals."
    (The Hindu View of Life - Dr.S.Radhakrishnan)

    I would consider "The Hindu View of Life" by Dr.S.Radhakrishnan is one of the best expositions on The Hindu Religion and of Hindus, that I have read. These lectures became so popular that it was published in a book form by publishers Allen and Unwin.


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