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The city of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, India evokes long cherished memories of all Hindus especially the Sakthas. This is the city of Vikramadhitya the great king whom the folklore associates with the worship of Sakthi.

The city is also known as the birthplace of Kalidasa the greatest Sanskrit poet and author of Sakunthalam, Megasandhesam and other works. We are giving the pictures of some of the old Sakthi temples of Ujjain which are associated with Poet Kalidasa and King Vikramadhitya.

Kalidasa was a cowherd who was a KALI baktha. MAA KALI appeared in person before him and granted the boon of great learning.

Harsiddhi temple is believed to be the temple where King Vikramadhitya worshipped. King Vikramadhitya was a Devi Upasaka who had mastered the Ashtamasiddhis (The eight great powers). This is a beautiful temple worth visiting. There is also an idol of MAA MAHA MAYA in an underground cave inside the temple where an Akanda Jyothi {Eternal Flame}is installed. The temple of MAHAKALESHWAR { SIVA } one of the Jyothirlingams is the main temple in Ujjain.
GADKALIKA temple is the temple where Kalidasa got his boon from MAA. The MAA with her beautiful eyes is a joy to behold. The present temple is not very old. It is believed that it stands in the same site where the older temple stood.

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