Before Consuming food

Before Consuming food
(Before start eating, pray looking at the food)

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Consuming food is considered as a Yajna karma (sacrifice to fire) in Bharatheeya Tradition. The chanting is taken from Bhgavad Gita. It says the food that I eat is called brahmarpanam (offering to brahma). Brahma is the Lord of Creativity and the food is to make us creative, thus the concept of yajna, the energy creation for betterment is equivalent to the food intake and the creative output of the human. Consider the food as the havis (the ingredients for the sacrifice).

Looking at the food, stay for some time, praying with the above manthra. The saliva will first get into the stomach as one looks at the food. Then the water through the achaman. This must be followed with bit-by-bit three times the sample food into the mouth. This is to inform the stomach, that this is the food that is going to be consumed, get prepared. This process of eating will make the food eating more systematica dn helps for better health