Dear Friends,
Greetings and Namaste. On the Dwadashi day after Deepvala, Tulasi's marriage to Lord Vishnu is celebrated in the form of Tulasi Puja. In this connection, I am attaching a very rare Tulasi Namashtaka Stotram by Lord Narayana Himself in Brahma Vaivarta Puranam, Prakriti Khanda, Tulasi Upakhyana. This hymn provides eight important namas of Tulasi Devi.
The phalashruti given by Lord Narayana stands proof of the efficacy of praying Tulasi Devi and chanting this stotram. May all pray Sri Tulasi Mata and get Her Blessings!
With best regards,
K. Muralidharan (Murali

Tulasi Namashtaka Stotram - Tamil

Tulasi Namashtaka Stotram - Sanskrit

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