For a Good Sleep

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A good sleep refreshes.When you go to your bed,first lie down on your back.Take SIXTEEN deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.Then turn yourself and sleep on your LEFT side( left karwat) .keep your left leg straight,fold your right upto half so that your right knee rests on your left thigh.

Keep your right hand straight on your torso.Suggest yourself atleast ten times" I WANT TO SLEEP" .Within five minutes you will be asleep.The reason....all your heavy organs like heart,liver, etc are on your left side.When you sleep on your left side,they also take rest and sleep comes quickly.

If you sleep on your right side,these organs hang thereby getting tired and sleep will come with difficulty and will not be sound.Likewise if you want to wake up any time in night or morning,give a auto suggestion to yourself that I WANT TO WAKE UP AT.......HOURS.Believe me,you will not need any alarm in your house.Do it at the time you go to bed.Results may take some time but certainly it will come.